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Funny Trivia Quiz Questions

Free printable funny trivia quiz questions with the answers.


Funny, Silly, Dumb, Humorous Trivia Quiz Questions


The most perjury is committed in what kind of court case?
A:  Contested Divorce

What do 63% of Americans spend five minutes a day looking?
A:  TV remote control

Why do Tibetans grow long nails on their little fingers?
A: To pick noses efficiently

Spanish scientists fitted what to cows to increase milk yield?
A:  False Teeth

Where can you find the best funny, silly, dumb, humorous trivia quiz questions?
A:  Trivia Playing!

The Greek dramatist Aeschalys died how?
A: An eagle dropped a tortoise on his head

In Alabama it is illegal to drive while what?
A:  Blindfolded

What is banned in public places in Florida after 6pm?
A:  Farting

Roman men had to swear on what to testify?
A: Their testicles

Zaire diverted roads to avoid disturbing communities of what?
A:  Elves

24% of British men have no what?
A:  Real teeth

Who is the Patron Saint of hangovers?
A: Saint Bibiana

In Maine it is illegal to bite your what?
A:  Landlord

In Schulter Oklahoma, nude women are not allowed to do what?
A:  Gamble

What kind of animals are barred from racing in city limits in Key West Florida?
A:  Turtles

Who took out a $ 5000 life insurance policy before dying in battle?
A:  George Armstrong Custer

It's illegal to shoot what from a moving trolley in New York?
A:  Rabbits

In Wisconsin state, it's against law to serve apple pie without what?
A:  Cheese

In York its legal to kill a Scotsman (not Sunday)using  what kind of weapon?
A:  Bow and Arrow

In New Jersey what is it illegal for a man to do while fishing?
A: Knit

What do you need a license to do in Hood River Oregon?
A:  Juggle