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Medical Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Fun medical trivia quiz questions and answers.


Medical Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Cretinism is caused by a failure of what gland?
A:  Thyroid

An anti-tussed is used to treat what type of aliment?
A:  Coughs

To what part/ s of the body does the word volar refer?
A:   Palms of hands and soles of feet

What are you doing when you pandiculate?
A: You Yawn

A phlebotomist does what?
A:  Draws blood samples

Tchaikovsky died of what type of disease?
A:  Cholera

In the days of sailing ships,  who often acted as the ships doctor?
A: The Cook


Which medicine was discovered in 1928, but not introduced until 1940?
A:  Penicillin

Antibiotics were first used in Egypt
A:  They used moldy bread

Frigophobia is the fear of what being what?
A:  Cold

Only fifty five percent  of men do wash their hands after what?
A: Using the toilet

In ancient Japan, what was used to clean teeth?
A:  Stale Urine

Florence Nightingale took what because  she was around young men?
A:  Bromide

What  did Dr. Watson's first wife die of?
A: Diphtheria


In 1750 John Huxham invented what new word?
A:  Influenza

Anton Chekov was a well known Russian author and what?
A:  Doctor

Women do what twice as often as men?
A:  Blink

Where would you find your shank?
A: The sole of your  foot

What causes an Iatrogenic illness?
A:  Doctors or treatment

Charles Osborne had what for 69 years?
A: The hiccups