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Houston Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers

Trivia quiz questions with answers about Houston Texas

What is the biggest city in Texas?
A: Houston.

Houston is the most populous city in Texas and the fourth-most populous city where?
A: In the United States.

What was the population in 2020?
A: 2,304,580.

Located in Southeast Texas near Galveston Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, it is the seat and largest city of what county?
A: Harris County.

Houston is the southeast anchor of the greater megaregion known as what?
A: The Texas Triangle.


What is the total area of Houston?
A: 637.4 square miles.

It is the largest city in the United States by total area whose government is not what?
A: Consolidated with a county, parish, or borough.

The city is named after whom?
A: Former General Sam Houston.

After briefly serving as the capital of the Texas Republic in the late 1830s, Houston grew steadily into what?
A: A regional trading center for the remainder of the 19th century.

The arrival of the 20th century brought a convergence of economic factors that fueled what?
A: Rapid growth in Houston.


In the mid-20th century, Houston's economy diversified, as it became home to what?
A: The Texas Medical Center—the world's largest concentration of healthcare and research institutions—and NASA's Johnson Space Center, home to the Mission Control Center.

The Port of Houston ranks first in the United States in what?
A: International waterborne tonnage handled and second in total cargo tonnage handled.

Houston is the most diverse metropolitan area in Texas and has been described as what?
A: The most racially and ethnically diverse major city in the U.S.

It is home to many cultural institutions and exhibits, which attract how many visitors a year to the Museum District?
A: More than seven million.

The Museum District is home to how many museums, galleries, and community spaces?
A: Nineteen.


When did the Republic of Texas grant Houston incorporation?
A: On June 5, 1837, as James S. Holman became its first mayor.

In 1839, the Republic of Texas relocated its capital to where?
A: Austin.

By 1860, Houston had emerged as a commercial and railroad hub for the export of what?
A: Cotton.

During the American Civil War, Houston served as a headquarters for whom?
A: Confederate Major General John B. Magruder, who used the city as an organization point for the Battle of Galveston.

In 1902, President Theodore Roosevelt approved a $1 million improvement project for what?
A: The Houston Ship Channel.


By 1910, the city's population had reached what?
A:  78,800, almost doubling from a decade before.

African Americans formed a large part of the city's population, numbering 23,929 people, which was what?
A: Nearly one-third of Houston's residents.

In 1945, the M.D. Anderson Foundation formed what?
A: The Texas Medical Center.

In 1950, the availability of air conditioning provided impetus for many companies to do what?
A: To relocate to Houston, where wages were lower than those in the North.

The Astrodome, nicknamed the "Eighth Wonder of the World", opened in what year?
A: 1965 as the world's first indoor domed sports stadium.

In 1997, Houstonians elected Lee P. Brown as the city's first what?
A:  African American mayor.

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