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Bow Tie Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers

Trivia quiz questions with answers about bow ties

What is a bow tie?
A: The bow tie is a type of necktie.

A modern bow tie is tied using a common shoelace knot, which is also called what?
A: The bow knot.

It consists of a ribbon of fabric tied around the collar of a shirt in a symmetrical manner, so that the two opposite ends form what?
A: Loops.

There are generally what three types of bow ties?
A: The pre-tied, the clip on, and the self-tie.

Pre-tied bow ties are ties in which the distinctive bow is sewn onto what?
A: A band that goes around the neck and clips to secure.


Some "clip-ons" dispense with the band altogether, instead doing what?
A: Clipping straight to the collar.

The traditional bow tie, consisting of a strip of cloth which the wearer has to tie by hand, is also known as what?
A:  "self-tie", "tie-it-yourself", or "freestyle" bow tie.

Bow ties may be made of any fabric material, but most are made from what?
A: Silk, polyester, cotton, or a mixture of fabrics.

Some fabrics (e.g., wool or velvet) are much less common for bow ties than for what?
A: Ordinary four-in-hand neckties.

Where did the bow tie originate?
A: Among Croatian mercenaries during the Thirty Years' War of the 17th century.


The Croat mercenaries used a scarf around the neck to do what?
A: Hold together the opening of their shirts.

This was soon adopted (under the name cravat, derived from the French for "Croat") by whom?
A: The upper classes in France, then a leader in fashion, and flourished in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The most traditional bow ties are usually of a fixed length and are made for what?
A: A specific size neck.

Fixed-length bow ties are preferred when worn with the most formal wing-collar shirts, so as not to what?
A: Expose the buckle or clasp of an adjustable bow tie.

Adjustable bow ties are the standard when the tie is to be worn how?
A: With a less formal, lie-down collar shirt that obscures the neckband of the tie.


 "One-size-fits-all" adjustable bow ties are a later invention that helps to do what?
A: Moderate production costs.

Popular perception tends to associate bow tie wearers with particular professions, such as what?
A: Architects, finance receipt collectors, attorneys, university professors, teachers, waiters, and politicians.

Why do pediatricians frequently wear bow ties?
A: So infants cannot grab them the way they could grab a four-in-hand necktie.

Bow ties do not readily droop into places where they would get what?
A: Soiled or where they could, whether accidentally or deliberately, strangle the wearer.

Who sometimes uses an oversize bow tie for its comic effect?
A: A clown.


Bow ties are also associated with weddings, mainly because of what?
A: Their almost universal inclusion in traditional formal attire.

Bow ties, or slight variations thereof, have also made their way into what?
A: Women's wear, especially business attire.

The 1980s saw professional women, especially in law, banking, and the corporate world, donning what?
A: Very conservative tailored suits.



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