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Forest Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers

Trivia questions about forests with answers

What is a forest?
A: A forest is an area of land dominated by trees.

Hundreds of definitions of forest are used throughout the world, incorporating factors such as what?
A: Tree density, tree height, land use, legal standing, and ecological function.

How does the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) define a forest?
A: As Land spanning more than 0.5 hectares with trees higher than 5 meters and a canopy cover of more than 10 percent, or trees able to reach these thresholds in situ.

It does not include land that is predominantly what?
A: Under agricultural or urban use."

Using this definition, Global Forest Resources Assessment 2020 (FRA 2020) found that forests covered how much of the world's land area in 2020?
A: 4.06 billion hectares (10.0 billion acres; 40.6 million square kilometers; 15.7 million square miles), or approximately 31 percent.


Forests are the predominant terrestrial ecosystem of Earth, and are found where?
A: Around the globe.

More than half of the world's forests are found in what five countries?
A: Brazil, Canada, China, Russia, and the United States.

The largest share of forests (45 percent) are where?
A: In the tropical latitudes, followed by those in the boreal, temperate, and subtropic domains.

Forests account for 75% of the gross primary production of the Earth's what?
A: Biosphere, and contain 80% of the Earth's plant biomass.

Forests at different latitudes and elevations, and with different precipitation and evapotranspiration form distinctly different what?
A: Biomes: boreal forests around the North Pole, tropical moist forests and tropical dry forests around the Equator, and temperate forests at the middle latitudes.


Areas at higher elevations tend to support forests similar to those at what?
A: Higher latitudes, and the amount of precipitation also affects forest composition.

Almost half the forest area (49 percent) is relatively intact, while 9 percent is found how?
A: In fragments with little or no connectivity.

What forests are the least fragmented?
A: Tropical rainforests and boreal coniferous
Subtropical dry forests and temperate oceanic forests are among what?
A: Most fragmented.

Roughly 80 percent of the world's forest area is found in patches larger than what?
A: 1 million hectares (2.5 million acres).


The remaining 20 percent is located in how many patches around the world?
A: More than 34 million, the vast majority with less than 1,000 hectares (2,500 acres).

Forests provide ecosystem services to humans and serve as what?
A: Tourist attractions.

The first known forests on Earth arose in what period?
A: The Late Devonian (approximately 380 million years ago).

It started with the evolution of Archaeopteris, which was a plant that was what?

A: Both tree-like and fern-like, growing to 10 meters (33 ft) in height.

It quickly spread throughout the world, from the equator to subpolar latitudes; and it formed the first forest by being what?
A: The first species known to cast shade due to its fronds and by forming soil from its roots.


Archaeopteris was deciduous, dropping its fronds onto the forest floor, the shade, soil, and forest duff from the dropped fronds creating what?
A: The first forest.

The shed organic matter altered what?
A: The freshwater environment, slowing its flow and providing food.

This promoted what?
A: Freshwater fish.


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