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Golfer Sam Snead Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers

Trivia quiz questions about Sam Snead

Who was Sam Snead?
A: Samuel Jackson Snead was an American professional golfer.

He was one of the top players in the world for the better part of what?
A: Four decades (having won PGA of America and Senior PGA Tour events over six decades)

He was widely regarded as what?
A: One of the greatest players of all time.

Snead was awarded a record 94 gold medallions, for wins in what?
A: PGA of America (referred to by most as the PGA) Tour events.

He was later credited with winning a record 82 PGA Tour events tied with whom?
A: Tiger Woods, including seven majors.


He never won what?
A: The U.S. Open, though he was runner-up four times.

When was Snead inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame?
A: In 1974.

Snead's nicknames included what?
A: "The Slammer", "Slammin' Sammy Snead", and "The Long Ball Hitter from West Virginia".

He was admired by many for having what?
A: A "perfect swing", which generated many imitators.

Snead was famed for his folksy image, wearing a straw hat, and making such statements as what?
A:  "Keep close count of your nickels and dimes, stay away from whiskey, and never concede a putt."


Fellow West Virginia Golf Hall of Fame Inductee Bill Campbell has said what of Snead?
A: "He was the best natural player ever”.

He had the eye of an eagle, the grace of a leopard and the strength of a what?
A: A lion."

Gary Player once said what?
A: "I don't think there's any question in my mind that Sam Snead had the greatest golf swing of any human being that ever lived."

 Jack Nicklaus said that Snead's swing was what?
A:  "So perfect."

In what years was Snead the PGA leading money winner?
A: In 1938, 1949 and 1950.


He won the Vardon Trophy, for lowest scoring average, how many times?
A: Four, 1938, 1949, 1950, and 1955.

In 1949, he was PGA what?
A: Golfer of the Year.

Snead was inducted into the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame in what year?
A: 1973.

 In 1986, Snead was inducted into what?
A: The Middle Atlantic PGA Hall of Fame.

Snead was also inducted into the PGA of America Hall of Fame and what?
A: The Helms Hall of Fame.


When did Snead receive the PGA Tour Lifetime Achievement Award?
A: In 1998.

Where was Snead born?
A: In Ashwood, Virginia, near Hot Springs.

Snead began caddying at what age?
A: At the age of seven at The Homestead's Old Course in Hot Springs.

He worked as an assistant pro at The Homestead at what age?
A: 17 in 1929, then moved to the Cascades Course and turned professional in 1934.

During the depression, Snead taught himself the game of golf from what?
A: A set of clubs carved from tree limbs.


Snead joined the PGA Tour in 1936 and achieved immediate success by winning what?
A: The West Virginia Closed Pro tournament.

In 1936 he won two matches at the Meadow Brook Club, earning what?
A: A $10,000 prize.

This gave him the money he needed to do what?
A: To start playing professionally full-time.



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