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Toaster Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers

Trivia quiz questions about toasters with answers

Questions about kitchen toasters

What is a toaster?
A: A toaster is a small electric appliance designed to expose various types of sliced bread to radiant heat, browning the bread so it becomes toast.

In pop-up or automatic toasters, a single vertical piece of bread is what?
A: Dropped into a slot on the top of the toaster.

A lever on the side of the toaster is pressed down to do what?
A: To lower the bread into the toaster and activating the heating elements.

The length of the toasting cycle (and therefore the degree of toasting) is adjustable via what?
A: A lever, knob, or series of pushbuttons.

When an internal device determines that the toasting cycle is complete, what happens?
A: The toaster turns off and the toast pops up out of the slots.


The completion of toasting may be determined by what?
A: A timer or by a thermal sensor, such as a bimetallic strip, located close to the toast.

Toasters may also be used to toast other foods such as  what?
A: Teacakes, toaster pastry, potato waffles and crumpets.

Among pop-up toasters, those toasting two slices of bread are what?
A: More purchased than those which can toast four.

Pop-up toasters can have a range of appearances beyond just a square box and may have what?
A: An exterior finish of chrome, copper, brushed metal, or any color plastic.

The marketing and price of toasters may not be an indication of what?
A: Quality for producing good toast.


A typical modern two-slice pop-up toaster can consume how much power?
A: From 600 to 1200 watts.

Beyond the basic toasting function, some pop-up toasters offer additional features such as what?
A: One-sided toasting, which some people prefer when toasting bagels.

Some toasters have the ability to power the heat elements how?
A: In only one of the toaster's several slots.

Some have slots of various depths, lengths, and widths to accommodate what?
A: A variety of bread types

What are toaster ovens?
A: They are small electric ovens that provide toasting capability plus a limited amount of baking and broiling capability.


Similarly to a conventional oven, toast or other items are placed on a small wire rack, but toaster ovens can do what?
A: Heat foods faster than regular ovens due to their small volume.

They are especially useful when the users do not also have what?
A: A kitchen stove with an integral oven, such as in smaller apartments and in recreational vehicles such as truck campers.

Conveyor toasters are designed to do what?
A: To make many slices of toast where constant or high-volume toasting is required.

Bread can be toasted at what rate?
A: At a rate of 300–1600 slices an hour.

The doneness control on such a toaster adjusts what?
A: The conveyor speed, thus altering the time during which the bread is near the heat elements.

Before the development of the electric toaster how was sliced bread toasted?
A: By placing it in a metal frame or on a long-handled toasting fork and holding it near a fire or over a kitchen grill.


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