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Dirt Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers

Trivia quiz questions about dirt including dust, grime, filth, debris, and soil

What is Dirt?
A: Dirt is an unclean matter, especially when in contact with a person's clothes, skin, or possessions.

In such cases, they are said to become what?
A: Dirty.

What are common types of dirt?
A: Debris, dust, filth, grime, and soil.

What is debris?
A: Scattered pieces of waste or remains.

What is dust?
A:  A general powder of organic or mineral matter.


What is filth?
A: Foul matter such as excrement.

What is grime?
A: A black, ingrained dust such as soot.

What is Soil?
A: The mix of clay, sand, and humus which lies on top of bedrock.

The term 'soil' may be used to refer to what?
A: Unwanted substances or dirt that are deposited onto surfaces such as clothing.

When things are dirty, they are usually cleaned with what?
A: Solutions like hard surface cleaner and other chemical solutions.


In a commercial setting, a dirty appearance gives what?
A: A bad impression.

The dirt in such cases may be classified as what?
A: Temporary, permanent, and deliberate.

Temporary dirt is what?
A: Streaks and detritus that may be removed by ordinary daily cleaning.

What is permanent dirt?
A: Permanent dirt is ingrained stains or physical damage to an object, which requires major renovation to remove.

What is deliberate dirt?
A: Dirt that results from design decisions such as decor in dirty orange or grunge styling.


As cities developed, arrangements were made for the disposal of what?
A: Trash through the use of waste management services.

In the United Kingdom, the Public Health Act 1875 required households to do what?
A: To place their refuse into a container that could be moved so that it could be carted away.

This was the first legal creation of what?
A: The dustbin.

Modern society is now thought to be more what?
A: Hygienic.

Lack of contact with microorganisms in dirt when growing up is hypothesized to be the cause of what?
A: The epidemic of allergies such as asthma.


The human immune system requires activation and exercise in order to what?
A: To function properly and exposure to dirt may achieve this.

For example, the presence of staphylococcus bacteria on the surface of the skin does what?
A: Regulates the inflammation which results from injury.

Even when no visible dirt is present, contamination by microorganisms, especially pathogens, can still cause an object or location to be considered what?
A: Dirty.

Computer keyboards are especially dirty as they contain on average 70 times more microbes than what?
A: A lavatory seat.

Who may eat dirt?
A: People and animals

This is thought to be caused by what?
A: Mineral deficiency and the condition is commonly seen in pregnant women.

People may become obsessed by dirt and engage in fantasies and compulsive behavior about it, such as what?
A: Making and consuming mud pies and pastries.


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