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Bell Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers

Fun trivia quiz questions about bells with answers

Bell trivia questions.

What is a bell?
A: A bell is a directly struck idiophone percussion instrument.

What shape do most bells have?
A: The shape of a hollow cup that when struck vibrates in a single strong strike tone, with its sides forming an efficient resonator.

The strike may be made by what?
A: An internal "clapper" or "uvula", an external hammer, or—in small bells—by a small loose sphere enclosed within the body of the bell.

What are bells usually cast from?
A: Bell metal (a type of bronze) for its resonant properties but can also be made from other hard materials.

Some small bells such as ornamental bells or cowbells can be made from what?
A: Cast or pressed metal, glass, or ceramic.


Large bells such as a church, clock and tower bells are normally cast from what?
A: Bell metal.

Many public or institutional buildings house bells, most commonly as what?
A: Clock bells to sound the hours and quarters.

Historically, what have bells been associated with?
A: Religious rites and are still used to call communities together for religious services.

What is the study of bells called?
A: Campanology.

The earliest archaeological evidence of bells dates from when?
A: The 3rd millennium BC, and is traced to the Yangshao culture of Neolithic China.


Clapper-bells made of what have been found in several archaeological sites?
A: pottery.

When did the first bells appear in West Asia?
A: In 1000 BC.

The earliest metal bells, with one found in the Taosi site and four in the Erlitou site, are dated to when?
A: About 2000 BC.

By the 13th century BC, where were bells weighing over 150 kg being cast?
A: In China.

After 1000 AD, what became the most commonly used metal for bells instead of bronze?
A: Iron.


When was the earliest dated iron bell manufactured?
A: In 1079, found in Hubei Province.

Assyrian bells dated to the 7th century BC were how high?
A: Around 4 inches high.

Roman bells dated to the 1st and 2nd century AD were how high?
A: Around 8 inches high.

The book of Exodus in the Bible notes that small gold bells were worn as ornaments on what?
A: The hem of the robe of the high priest in Jerusalem.

Among the ancient Greeks where were handbells used?
A: In camps and garrisons and by patrols that went around to visit sentinels.


Among the Romans what was announced by a bell?
A: The hour of bathing.

They also used them in the home, as an ornament and emblem, and bells were placed where?
A: Around the necks of cattle and sheep so they could be found if they strayed.

As late as the 10th century AD, European bells were no higher what?
A: 2 feet in height.

In the western world, the common form of bell is a what?
A: A church bell or town bell, which is hung within a tower or bell cote.

What is a carillon?
A: A musical instrument consisting of at least 23 cast bronze cup-shaped bells.

It is tuned so that the bells can be played serially to produce a melody, or what?
A: Sounded together to play a chord.


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