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Trivia quiz questions about Jacob with answers

Jacob Biblical trivia quiz questions with answers

Who were Jacob's parents according to the Bible?
Answer: Isaac and Rebekah.

What was the name of Jacob's twin brother?
Answer: Esau.

What did Jacob do to receive Esau's birthright?
Answer: He tricked him into selling it for a bowl of stew.

What was the name of the ladder that Jacob saw in his dream?
Answer: Jacob's ladder.

Where did Jacob flee to after tricking his father into giving him Esau's blessing?
Answer: Haran.


Who did Jacob meet at a well in Haran?
Answer: Rachel, whom he later married.

How many sons did Jacob have?
Answer: 12.

What was the name of Jacob's favorite son?
Answer: Joseph.

What did Jacob do to receive Rachel's hand in marriage?
Answer: He worked for her father for seven years.

How many years did Jacob end up working for Rachel's father before he was allowed to marry her?
Answer: 14.


What was the name of Jacob's first wife?
Answer: Leah.

How did Jacob acquire wealth while working for Laban?
Answer: He used his knowledge of animal husbandry to breed strong and healthy flocks.

What did Jacob do to protect his family and property from Laban's deceitful actions?
Answer: He fled with his family in the middle of the night.

Who did Jacob wrestle with all night and receive a new name from?
Answer: An angel.

What was Jacob's new name?
Answer: Israel.

What was the name of Jacob's daughter who was raped by Shechem, a prince of the city of Shechem?
Answer: Dinah.

What did Jacob's sons do in response to Dinah's rape?
Answer: They killed Shechem and his men.

Which of Jacob's sons was sold into slavery by his brothers?
Answer: Joseph.

What did Jacob believe had happened to Joseph when his brothers told him he was dead?
Answer: He believed that Joseph had been killed by a wild animal.

Who convinced Jacob to allow Benjamin to travel to Egypt with his brothers?
Answer: Judah.


What did Joseph demand of his brothers before he would reveal his true identity to them in Egypt?
Answer: He demanded that they bring their youngest brother, Benjamin, to him.

What did Jacob think when he first heard that Joseph was still alive and living in Egypt?
Answer: He did not believe it at first.

What was the name of the woman who became Joseph's wife in Egypt?
Answer: Asenath.

How long did Jacob live in Egypt?
Answer: 17 years.

What did Jacob bless his grandsons Ephraim and Manasseh with before he died?
Answer: He blessed them as if they were his own sons.


What did Jacob prophesy about his sons before he died?
Answer: He prophesied their future roles and fortunes.

What was the name of the cave where Jacob and his ancestors were buried?
Answer: The cave of Machpelah.

How old was Jacob when he died?
Answer: 147 years old.

Who were the two sons of Joseph that Jacob adopted as his own?
Answer: Ephraim and Manasseh.

What did Jacob say to his sons on his deathbed that became known as the "blessing of Jacob"?
Answer: He prophesied their future and the future of their descendants.

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