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TNT Trivia Quiz

Trivia quiz questions with answers about the explosive TNT

TNT trivia quiz questions with answers

What does TNT stand for?
Answer: Trinitrotoluene

Who discovered TNT?
Answer: Joseph Wilbrand

In what year was TNT discovered?
Answer: 1863

What is the primary use of TNT?
Answer: Explosives

What color is TNT?
Answer: Yellow


What is the chemical formula of TNT?
Answer: C7H5N3O6

What is the explosive power of TNT measured in?
Answer: Joules

What is the boiling point of TNT?
Answer: 240°C

What is the melting point of TNT?
Answer: 80.35°C

What is the density of TNT?
Answer: 1.65 g/cm³


What was the first military use of TNT?
Answer: The Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78

Who manufactured TNT during World War I?
Answer: Nobel Industries

What is the common name for TNT?
Answer: Dynamite

How does TNT explode?
Answer: By rapid oxidation of its carbon and hydrogen atoms

What is the shock sensitivity of TNT?
Answer: Low


What is the flash point of TNT?
Answer: 143°C

Who was the first person to synthesize TNT?
Answer: Julius Wilbrand

What is the molecular weight of TNT?
Answer: 227.13 g/mol

What is the detonation velocity of TNT?
Answer: 6,900 m/s

What is the detonation pressure of TNT?
Answer: 200 kbar


What is the brisance of TNT?
Answer: 4.6 MJ/kg

What is the shelf life of TNT?
Answer: About 50 years

What is the NATO code for TNT?
Answer: O-TE-30

What is the UN number for TNT?
Answer: 0209

What is the CAS number for TNT?
Answer: 118-96-7


What is the main danger associated with TNT?
Answer: Explosiveness

What is the primary component of TNT?
Answer: Toluene

What is the secondary component of TNT?
Answer: Nitric acid

What is the tertiary component of TNT?
Answer: Sulfuric acid

What is the approximate speed of sound in TNT?
Answer: 6,700 m/s

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