Trivia Questions About Religion With Answers

Trivia quiz questions about all thing religious including the Bible, Islam, Angels, Abraham and more.


Trivia Questions About Religion With Answers

According to 36% of Americans they have spoken with whom?
A:  God

Who is the Patron Saint of France?
A:  St Denis

What religious leaders name means "Sign of God"?
A:  Ayatollah

What does Yoga literally mean in Hindu philosophy?
A:  Union

In Islam what is the third pillar of wisdom  of the 5 in total?
A:  Charity - 2.5 % of income


Only one woman's lifespan is given in the Bible, who is it?
A: Sarah, Wife of Abraham 127 Genis 23

The Inquisition was started by what Pope?
A: Gregory 9th

Who is the Patron Saint of hunters?
A:  St Hubert

In Yiddish what is your Pupik?
A:  Belly Button

In the Hindu religion, who is the wife of Shiva?
A: Pavarti or Uma


Which religion was founded by Guru Nanak?
A:  Sikhism

St Boniface is the Saint of what?
A:  Sodomy

Siddhartha Gautama is better known as who?
A:  Buddha

Which Sanskrit phrase means love story?
A:  Karma Sutra

Who is the Egyptian God of funerals?
A:  Anubis


If you committed Vaticide you would have killed who?
A:  Prophet

From which religion comes the religious text Mishna ?
A: Judaism

Shamanism is the religion of which people?
A:  Inuit or Eskimos

What group of people meet at Kingdom Halls?
A:  Jehovah's Witnesses