Racing Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

Free racing trivia questions with answers.


Racing Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

What sport would you expect to see at Santa Pod?
A: Drag Racing.

Inderan, Delgado, LeMond and Fignon are athletes in which racing sport?
A: Cycling.

The Portuguese grand prix is held on what circuit?
A: Estoril.

Who was the first Grand Prix driver to use a safety belt in 1967?
A: Jackie Stuart.

What was the name of the first man to run a sub four minute mile?
A: Roger Bannister.

On what island was the site of the Australian Grand Prix?
A: Philip Island.

What does a black flag waving mean in formula one grand prix?
A: Go into pits.


The Whitbread round the world is the world's what?
A: Longest race.

Which circuit is the grand prix d'Endurance run on?
A: Le Mans 24 hour race.

A yellow flag with red stripes means what?
A: Slippery Track.

Which Grand Prix driver was also a champion claw pigeon shot?
A: Jackie Stewart.

In greyhound racing in the UK what color does the number one dog wear?
A: Red.


In which sport is a race won by four laps of the track?
A: Speedway.

In 1829, what annual sporting event between two teams started?
A: The University Boat Race.

In what sport did Ingemar Stenmark win a record 85 world cup races?
A: Skiing.

Which grand prix circuit is only 1.95 miles long?
A: Monaco.

Built in 1928, Bell View in Manchester was Britain's first what?
A: Greyhound Stadium.

What does the letter u indicate on a racing form?
A: Unseated rider.

Who in 1958 was the first British Formula one champion?
A: Mike Hawthorne.