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Easy Patrick Star Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Kids trivia quiz questions about Patrick Star.


Easy Patrick Star Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

What does Star like to eat?
A: Ice Cream and Junk food.

What color is Patrick?
A: Pink.

What does Patrick spend much of his day doing?
A: Sleeping under his rock.

Star is whose best friend?
A: SpongeBob SquarePants.

Where does Star live?
A: Under a rock in Bikini Bottom.

Physically speaking, Star is what?
A: Overweight.

Patrick once rented out his front yard to a what?
A: Fish named Howard.


Who are Patrick's neighbors?
A: SpongeBob and Squidward.

What do Patrick and SpongeBob like to do to Squidward?
A: Bother him.

At some point, Patrick learned how to put on a what?
A: Diaper.

What is the name of Patrick's big sister?
A: Sam Star.

What street does Patrick Star live on?
A: Conch Street.

Patrick can't smell because he doesn't have a what?
A: A nose.

Every time Patrick sees mermaids, he does what?
A: Falls in love with them.


Sometimes Patrick is shown to have a full set of teeth, sometimes a single tooth, and sometimes what?
A: None at all.

What color pants does Patrick usually wear?
A: Lime green with lavender flowers on them.

Patrick is very strong, being able to lift his what?
A: Rock.

What does Patrick call pencils?
A:  "Writing Sticks".

In Karate Star, he went completely crazy and ripped his own what off?
A: Arm.

Patrick was the second of two children of  who?
A: Margie and Herb Star, son of Billy Bob Star and Maw Tucket.

Sam was lost at sea when she and Patrick were children and he did not see her again until what episode?
A: Big Sister Sam.


Who is Ed Star?
A: The cousin of Patrick, Sam, and Gary.

When did Patrick meet SpongeBob?
A: When they were children.

Usually Patrick sleeps in a regular bed, but sometimes he sleeps where?
A: On the ceiling of his rock.

Herb Star is the father of Patrick and Sam and Margie's what?
A: Husband.

Herb has a large walrus what?
A: Mustache and he is pink, just like the rest of the Star family.

Gary the Snail is Sluggo's son, the cousin of Patrick, Sam, and Ed, and a nephew of who?
A: Herb and Margie.

Gary the Snail was Patrick's what for a short while?
A: Pet.


What does Sam call Patrick?
A:  "wittle brubber".

Who is Queen Mildew?
A:  She was the great great grandmother of Patrick, Gary, Sam, and Ed.

What is the main job Patrick usually tries?
A: Krusty Krab Worker.

Unlike SpongeBob, Patrick is a good what?
A: Driver.

What is Patrick's favorite color?
A: Aquamarine.

Is Patrick is right handed or left handed?
A: Right Handed.

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