Instagram Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Instagram trivia quiz questions with the answers.


Instagram Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

What is Instagram?
A: Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking service.

Who created it?
A: Kevin Systromand and Mike Krieger.

When was it launched?
A: October 2010. (Exclusively on iOS)

When was a version for Android devices released?
A: April, 2012.

Who owns Instagram?
A: Facebook.

What was launched in November 2012?
A: A feature-limited website interface

On what date were the apps for Windows 10 Mobile released?
A: April 2016.

The release date for Windows 10 was when?
A: October 2016.

What does the instagram app do?
A: The app allows users to upload photos and videos to the service, edit them with various filters, and organize them with tags and location information.

An account's posts can be shared publicly or with whom?
A: Pre-approved followers.

Users can browse other users' content by what?
A: Tags and locations.

Users can "like" photos, and follow other users to add their content to what?
A: A feed.

The service was originally distinguished by only allowing content to be framed how?
A: In a square (1:1) aspect ratio.

These restrictions were eased in what year?
A: 2015.

They also added messaging features, multiple images or videos in a single post, as well as "Stories", similar to whom?
A: Its main competitor Snapchat.

After its launch in 2010, it rapidly grew, with how many registered users after two months?
A: One million.

How many registered users did it have after a year?
A: 10 million.

How many users as of September 2017?
A: 800 million.

In April 2012, who acquired the service for approximately $1 billion in cash and stock?
A: Facebook.

As of October 2015, how many photos have been uploaded to the service?
A: over 40 billion.

Where did Kevin and Mike begin development on Instagram?
A: In San Francisco.

The word Instagram is a portmanteau of what?
A: Instant camera and telegram.

Kevin Systrom posted the first photo to Instagram on what date?
A: July 16, 2010.

What does the photo show?
A: The photo shows a dog in Mexico and Systrom's girlfriend's foot.

On what date was the Instagram iOS app officially released through the App Store?
A: On October 6, 2010.

In February 2011, it was reported that Instagram had raised how much money in Series A funding from a variety of investors?
A: $7 million.

On April 3, 2012, Instagram was released for what devices?
A: Android phones.

Also on April 3, how many times was it downloaded?
A: More than one million times in less than one day.

In March 2012, The Wall Street Journal reported that Instagram was raising a new round of financing that would value the company at how much?
A: $500 million.

In November 2012, Instagram launched website profiles, allowing anyone to do what?
A: See users' feeds from their web browsers.

Users can upload photographs and short videos, follow other users' feeds and do what with images?
A: Geotag images with the name of a location.

If users set their account to "private", they can require what?
A: That they approve any new follower requests.