Space Trivia Questions and Answers

Space trivia quiz questions with answers


Space Trivia Questions and Answers

Which space first was achieved by Toyohiro Akiyama in 1991?
A: First fare-paying passenger.

How long did the record-breaking space walk from space shuttle Endeavor last in 1993?
A: Five hours.

On which island is the Kennedy Space Center?
A: Merritt.

Where did the European space probe Ulysses set off for in 1991?
A: The Sun.

What did Neil Armstrong say immediately before "the eagle has landed?"
A: Tranquility base here.

What was the name of the first chimpanzee sent into space by America?
A: Ham


On what date in 1997 did Pathfinder land on Mars right on schedule?
A: 4th July.

Who was the next American in space after Sheppard?
A: Virgil Grissom.

In which year were all three astronauts on the first Moon landing expedition born?
A: 1930.

Which probe sent back the first major pictures of Jupiter in 1995?
A: Galileo.

Who made the first un-tethered space walk of the 1990s?
A: Mark Lee.

What was the name of the first probe to send back pictures from Mars?
A: Viking.


On which ship did President Nixon welcome the astronauts back from the Moon?
A: Hornet.

Which scientist located Pluto?
A: Clyde Tombaulgh.

In what year was Hale Bopp first seen?
A: 1995.

Which three astronauts died during a launch pad rehearsal in 1967
A: Gus Grissom, Ed White & Roger Chaffee.

What is Neil Armstrong's middle name?
A: Alden.

What was the name of the Japanese Moon orbiter launched in 1990?
A: Muses-A.


Which cosmonaut returned to Earth in 1996 after spending a record-breaking 438 days in space?
A: Polyakov.

Who was the second Soviet cosmonaut?
A:  Titov.

What was the nationality of the journalist who accompanied a docking mission to MIR in 1990?
A: Japanese.

How long did Sergei Krikalyev spend on Mir in the early 90s?
A: Ten months.

What was the role of Rocco Petrone in the Apollo XI project?
A: Launch director.

Who was the first woman to captain a space shuttle crew?
A: Eileen Collins.

How many orbits of the Moon were there on the first manned orbit?
A: 10.