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American Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Free American trivia quiz questions with answers


American Trivia Questions With Answers

What is the northeastern most state of the USA?
A: Maine.

In which state is the Cumberland plateau?
A: Alabama.

Where is the lowest point of the western hemisphere?
A: Death Valley, California.

What divides Alaska from the rest of the USA?
A: British Columbia.

The Missouri joins the Mississippi just north of which city?
A: St. Louis.

On which Hawaiian island is Honolulu?
A: Oahu.

In Nevada which mineral production exceeds that of oil?
A: Gold.


Which is the only US state to have been an independent republic?
A: Texas.

Which New York island was originally called Gibbet Island?
A: Ellis Island.

Where is the Sears Tower?
A: Chicago.

In which state are the Ozark Mountains?
A: Arkansas.

Where is the Apalachicola National Forest?
A: Florida.

Kansas City is on the Kansas river and which other?
A: Missouri.

Which state with access to an ocean has the shortest coastline?
A: New Hampshire.


What is further north, Dallas or Oklahoma City?
A: Oklahoma City.

What brand of cigarettes did detective Philip Marlow smoke?
A: Camels

The residents of which U.S. city buys the most blond hair dye?
A: Dallas Texas

There are more phones than people in what city?
A: Washington D.C.

In the TV show Dallas, what was the name of the bar?
A: Cattleman's Club

Rolling Rock lager is brewed in what US state?
A: Pennsylvania

Who dropped out of Harvard in 1975?
A: Bill Gates


The average person  swears how many times a day?
A: 16 times

In America, where would you see a crossbuck X?
A: On railroad crossing

In 1933 who received 800,000 fan letters?
A: Mickey Mouse

Which U.S. state has the lowest  graduation rate?
A: Georgia

In which state is the Yosemite National Park?
A: California.

Which state produces two-thirds of America's iron ore?
A: Minnesota.

What is the largest city of New Mexico?
A: Albuquerque.


What is America's leading dairy state?
A: Wisconsin.

Washington Square is in the center of which village?
A: Greenwich Village.

Which state has the highest island mountain in the world?
A: Hawaii.

Where is the divorce capital of Nevada?
A: Reno.

Which Park in South Dakota has the highest number of bison after Yellowstone?
A: Custer State Park

What is the farthest east of the Great Lake States?
A: Ohio.

In 1988 which city had the highest murder rate of any in the US?
A: Washington.

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