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Questions With Answers  >  US States Trivia  >  Minnesota Trivia

Free fun Minnesota trivia quiz questions with answers


Minnesota Trivia Questions With Answers

What is the Minnesota State fish?
A:  Walleye.

Minnesota was admitted to the Union as the 32nd state on what date?
A:  May 11, 1858.

Where do the Minnesota Timber wolves of the NBA  play?
A: In the Target Center.

What is the Minnesota State flower?
A:  Pink and white lady slipper.

Minnesota is commonly known as the what?
A: Land of 10,000 Lakes.

As far as education goes where is Minnesota ranked in the percentage of people with at least a high school diploma?
A: First.


What is the Minnesota State fruit?
A:  Honeycrisp apple.

Where doe Minnesota's  name come from?
A: A Dakota word for "clear water".

Where does Minnesota rank in size compared to the rest of the US states?
A: It is the 12th biggest.

The Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome was home to what NFL team until 2013?
A: The Minnesota Vikings.

What is the Minnesota State gemstone?
A:  Lake Superior agate.

Minnesota  shares a Lake Superior water border with what other state?
A: Michigan.


Minnesota shares a land and water border to the east with what state?
A: Wisconsin.

What is the Minnesota State mushroom?
A:  Morel

What is the Minnesota State grain?
A:  Wild rice.

How big is Minnesota in square miles?
A:  86,943.

In Minnesota you can find some of the oldest "what" found on earth?
A: Rocks.

Michigan was under massive ice sheets at least one kilometer thick which created its current what?
A: Terrain.

The highest point in Minnesota is what?
A:  Eagle Mountain at 2,301 feet .


What is the Minnesota State muffin?
A:  Blueberry.

What is Minnesota's lowest point in elevation?
A:  601 feet at the shore of Lake Superior.

The Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome hosted the world series winning Minnesota Twins until what year?
A: 2010.

What is Minnesota's principal airport?
A:  Minneapolis–St. Paul International Airport (MSP).

How many lakes does Minnesota have over 10 acres in size?
A: 11,842.

Except for Alaska, Minnesota has the nation's largest population of what?
A: Timber wolves.

What is the Minnesota State song?
A:  "Hail! Minnesota".


Itasca State Park, Minnesota's first, was created in 1891, and is the source of what river?
A: The Mississippi.

How many state parks does  Minnesota have?
A: 72.

What is the Minnesota State sport?
A: Ice hockey.

Who lived in what is now Minnesota before the arrival of the European settlers?
A: The Dakota people.

On what date did Minnesota become the 32nd U.S. state?
A: On May 11, 1858.

During the Dakota War of 1862, how many white settlers died?
A: 800.

The discovery of iron in the Vermilion Range and the Mesabi Range in the 1880s, established Minnesota's what?
A: Iron-mining industry .


What city is the capital of Minnesota?
A: Saint Paul.

Which city is Minnesota's most populous?
A:  Minneapolis.

How many cities does Minnesota have with populations over  50,000 according to the 2010 census?
A: 17.

How many counties does Minnesota have?
A: 87.

Where does the population of Minnesota rank in the percentage of people engaging in regular exercise?
A:  First.

Minnesota was the 17th state to enact a statewide ban in restaurants and bars to what?
A: Smoking.


The Mayo Clinic is based in what city?
A: Rochester.

What is the Minnesota State bird?
A:  Common Loon.

What is the Minnesota State butterfly?
A: Monarch.

What is the Minnesota State drink?
A:  Milk

What is the Minnesota State tree?
A:  Red Pine.


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