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War Trivia Questions

War trivia quiz questions about war history with answers.


War Trivia Questions

What was the number of the British Armored Division known as The Desert Rats?
A: 7th.

Which US general along with Schwarzkopf was leader in the Gulf War?
A: Powell.

How long did the Arab-Israeli War of 1967 last?
A: Six days.

Who, during the Vietnam War, was known as Hanoi Jane?
A: Jane Fonda.

Which breakaway Russian republic had Grozny as its capital?
A: Chechnya.

Where did  Rudolf Hess crash land in 1941?
A: Scotland.

Which county's "Spring" was halted by the arrival of Soviet tanks in 1968?
A: Czechoslovakia.


Where was the Bay of Pigs whose invasion sparked a world crisis in the 60s?
A: Cuba.

Where did the Enola Gay drop a devastating bomb in WWII?
A: Hiroshima.

In which county is Passschendaele, scene of battle in WWI?
A: Belgium.

The Taliban were a guerrilla group in which country?
A: Afghanistan.

Whose forces were defeated at the Battle of Midway in 1942?
A: Japan.

Who were defeated along with the Germans at El Alamein?
A: Italians.

During World War I what kind of gas was used in the trenches?
A: Mustard gas.


What Operation was the codename for the D Day landings?
A: Overlord.

Which major weapon of war was used for the first time in 1916?
A: Tank.

The Tamil Tigers were fighting for a separate state on which island?
A: Sri Lanka.

Muhammad Ali refused to fight in which war?
A: Vietnam.

War broke out in Biafra in the 60s when it broke away from which country?
A: Nigeria.

Which "Lord" was executed for treason in 1946 for broadcasting German propaganda?
A: Lord Haw-Haw.


During which war was OXFAM set up?

Which country pulled out of Vietnam in the 1950s?
A: France.

In WWII who was in charge of the Afrika Korps?
A: Rommel.

The EOKA were a terrorist group operating on which island?
A: Cyprus.

Which city was besieged by German troops for over 900 days in WWII?
A: Leningrad.

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