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Muhammad Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Muhammad trivia quiz with answers about Muhammad and the Quran


Muhammad Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Who was Muhammad?
A: Muhammad was the founder of Islam.

According to Islamic doctrine, he was a prophet and God's what?
A: Messenger.

He was sent to present and confirm the monotheistic teachings preached previously by whom?
A: Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and other prophets.

In all the main branches of Islam He is viewed as what?
A: The final prophet of God.

Muhammad united Arabia into a what?
A: A single Muslim polity.

What formed the basis of Islamic religious belief?
A: The Quran as well as his teachings and practices.

When was He born?
A: In approximately 570 CE.

Where was he born?
A: In the Arabian city of Mecca.

Muhammad was orphaned at how old?
A: Six years.

Who raised Muhammad?
A: Muhammad was raised by his paternal uncle Abu Talib and Abu Talib's wife Fatimah bint Asad.

When did Muhammad's father die?
A: Almost six months before Muhammad was born.

Muhammad stayed with his foster-mother, Halimah bint Abi Dhuayb, and her husband until he was how old?
A: Two years.

For the next two years, until he was eight years old, Muhammad was under the guardianship of who?
A: His paternal grandfather Abdul-Muttalib, of the Banu Hashim clan until his death.

In his teens, Muhammad accompanied his uncle on what type of journeys?
A: Syrian trading journeys to gain experience in commercial trade.

Periodically, where would he seclude himself?
A: In a mountain cave named Hira for several nights of prayer.

At age 40, he reported being visited by whom in the cave?
A: Gabriel.

In 610, Muhammad started preaching his revelations publicly, proclaiming what?
A: That "God is One", that complete "submission" to God is the right course of action and that he was a prophet and messenger of God.

Muhammad experienced hostility from whom?
A: Meccan polytheists.

In 615, to escape ongoing persecution, he sent some followers where?
A: Abyssinia, before he and his followers migrated from Mecca to Medina later in 622.

This event, the Hijra, marks the beginning of the what?
A: The Islamic calendar, also known as the Hijri Calendar.

In Medina, Muhammad united the tribes under the what?
A: Constitution of Medina.

In December 629, after eight years of intermittent wars with Meccan tribes, what did Muhammad do?
A: He gathered an army of 10,000 Muslim converts and marched on the city of Mecca.

The conquest went largely uncontested and Muhammad seized the city with what?
A: Little bloodshed.

In 632, a few months after returning from the Farewell Pilgrimage, what happened to him?
A: He fell ill and died.

By his death, most of the Arabian Peninsula had done what?
A: Converted to Islam.

The name Muhammad means what?
A: Praiseworthy.

How many times does the name Muhammad appear in the Quran?
A: Four times.

The Quran is the central religious text of what religion?
A: Islam.

Muslims believe it represents the words of whom?
A: God revealed by the archangel Gabriel to Muhammad.

Most Quranic verses do not provide what?
A: Significant historical context.

According to Muslim tradition, Muhammad's wife Khadija was the first to believe what?
A: That he was a prophet.

She was followed by whom?
A: Muhammad's ten-year-old cousin Ali ibn Abi Talib, close friend Abu Bakr, and adopted son Zaid.

In what year did Muhammad's wife Khadijah and uncle Abu Talib both die?
A: In 619.

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