Religion Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Free trivia quiz questions about religions


Religion Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

In religious art, which Saint is associated with an ox?
A:  Saint Luke

St. Boniface is the Patron Saint of what European country?
A:  Germany

What religion links Weasak, Dhrammacacka, and Bhodi day?
A: Buddhist

The religious text Tripitaka comes from which religion Buddhism

What is the first color mentioned in the Bible?
A: Green

What day is the first day of Lent?
A: Ash Wednesday

Who is the Patron Saint of Young Virgins?
A:  St Agnes

Which letters denote Jesus Nazareth King of the Jews?


In Tantric Buddhism, what is the name for the sacred circle?
A:  Mandala

Who was the mother of Castor and Pollux?
A:  Helen of Troy

What aphrodisiac were celibate Egyptian priests forbidden to eat?
A: Onions

What is the name of the Patron Saint of Germany and sodomy?
A:  Saint Boniface

What is the name of the magazine of the Jehovah's Witnesses?
A:  The Watchtower


Most Popes have been Italian. Which country has the 2nd highest number of Popes?
A: France

In Christian tradition, what Saint is the Virgin Mary's mother?
A:  Saint Ann

In the Bible Jael murdered Sisera using what for a weapon? 
A: Tent Peg

Who is the Patron Saint of florists and gardeners?
A:  Saint Dorothy

Which boys name means: "he who resembles God"?
A:  Michael

What country was the first to guarantee freedom of worship?
A:  Transylvania

Who would you expect to find in Castle Gondolofo?
A:  The Pope

Which one of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is known as Christ?
A:  War