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Name Trivia

Trivia quiz questions about names with the answers.


Name Trivia Questions and Answers

The literal translation of what characters name is "pine eyes"?
A:  Pinocchio.

 What was the game of  Badminton originally called?
A: Poona.

Ellen Marrenner became more famous as who?
A:  Susan Hayward.

What was Jimmy Hoffa's middle name?
A:  Riddle.

What did the secret service call Frank Sinatra?
A: Napoleon.


In England what is the most popular girls name of the 90s?
A:  Rebecca

What is the largest moon of Jupiter called?
A: Ganymede

An onomastician studies what?
A: Names.

Boston Massachusetts was originally called what?
A: Trimontaine.

Which girls name is also a pass made by a bullfighters cape?
A:  Veronica.

Aotearoa, what the Maori  call New Zealand , means what?
A: Long Daylight.


Which member of lily family is from Greek for sprout?
A: Asparagus.

What flower translates from the Greek as Water Vessel ?
A: Hydrangea.

Solanum Tuberosum is Latin for what plant?
A:  Potato.

What boxer was known as "The Ambling Alp"?
A:  Primo Carnera.

What is the Latin word for the North Star?
A:  Polaris.

The filbert is also known as the what?
A: Hazelnut.

What does Ghengis Khan mean?
A:  Very Mighty Ruler

What is the most common Spanish surname?
A:  Garcia.

What games title literally means To Grope Frantically?
A:  Scrabble.