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Free Boxing Trivia Sports Questions and Answers


Trivia sports questions and answers about boxing with trivia questions about boxing fans, boxers, and more!

Free Boxing Trivia Sports Questions and Answers

Q: What boxing class is heaviest - flyweight, bantam weight or feather weight?
A:  Feather weight.

Q: What nickname do boxing fans call 300 pound Eric Esch, King of the Fouro-Rounders?
A: "Butter Bean".

Q: Who beat Michael Moorer in a 1994 heavyweight title fight hyped as " One for the Ages"?
A: George Foreman.

Q: What boxer made his first title defense in 21 years, in 1995?
A: George Foreman.

Q: Who did Joe Frazier say he wanted "like a hog wants slop"?
A: Muhammad Ali.

Q: What percentage of Mike Tyson's 1995 earnings came from endorsements?
A: Zero.

Q: What boxer answers to the nickname "Sweet Pea"?
A: Pernell Whitaker

Q: What heavyweight champion was nicknamed "Real Deal"?
A: Evander Holyfield

Q: Who received a reported $25 million for a 1995 boxing match that lasted 89 seconds?
A: Mike Tyson.

Q: How old was George Foreman when he became the oldest heavyweight champ in history?
A: Forty-five. 

Q:  What pro sport gives its participants an 87 percent chance of suffering brain damage?
A: Boxing. 

Q:  What boxing weight class is limited to 190 pounds?
A: Cruiserweight. 

Q: What Mexican boxing champ lost for the first time to little known Frankie Randall?
A:  Julio Cesar Chavez.

Q: What had to occur for a round to end when John L. Sullivan beat Jake Killrain in 75 rounds, in 1889?
A: A knockdown.

Q: Who was the first sports announcer to address Muhammad Ali by his Muslim name?
A: Howard Cosell.

Q: What year in the 1970s was Muhammad Ali's last as heavyweight champ?

Q:  What boxing promoter was indicted for filing a false insurance claim with Lloyds of London?
A:  Don King.

Q: What boxer successfully defended his title against George Foreman and Larry Holmes?
A: Evander Holyfield.

Q: Who reigned as heavyweight boxing champ of Uganda from 1951-1960?
A: Idi Amin.

Q: What did boxer Nelson Azumah change his name to?
A: Azumah Nelson. 

Q: What boxing promoter's favorite expression is "Only in America"?
A: Don King's. 




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