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1970 Trivia Questions With Answers From The 70s

Trivia quiz questions with answers about things from the year 1970.


1970 Trivia Questions With Answers From The 70s

An earthquake of 7.7 Richter magnitude scale in Tonghai County, Yunnan province, China, kills at least how many people?
A: 15,621.

The first episode of the soap opera All My Children is broadcast on what television network?
A: ABC television network.

Where do Diana Ross and The Supremes perform their farewell live concert together?
A: At the Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas.

Who is introduced onstage at the end of the last show?
A: Ross's replacement, Jean Terrell.

Pan American Airways offers the first commercially scheduled 747 service from where to where?
A: John F. Kennedy International Airport to London Heathrow Airport.

Joseph Fielding Smith becomes the what?
A: The 10th President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Mick Jagger is fined £200 for possession of what?
A: Cannabis.


Ōsumi, Japan's first satellite, is launched on a what?
A: A Lambda-4 rocket.

Black Sabbath's eponymous debut album is released, and is often regarded as the first what?
A: The first true heavy metal album.

Jeffrey R. MacDonald kills his wife and children at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, claiming what?
A:  That drugged-out "hippies" did it.

Chevrolet releases the second generation what?
A: Camaro.

Rhodesia severs its last tie with the United Kingdom, declaring itself a what?
A: Republic.

The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty goes into effect, after what?
A: Ratification by 56 nations.

The United States Army charges 14 officers with suppressing information related to what incident?
A: My Lai Massacre.


The first Earth Day proclamation is issued by whom?
A: San Francisco Mayor Joseph Alioto.

President Nixon signs the Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act into law, which does what?
A: Bans cigarette television advertisements in the United States from January 1, 1971.

American Motors Corporation introduces what model car?
A: The Gremlin.

A huge gas explosion at a subway construction site in Osaka, Japan kills and injures how many people?
A:  It kills 79 and injures over 400.

An oxygen tank in the Apollo 13 spacecraft explodes, forcing the crew to do what?
A: Abort the mission and return in 4 days.

April 24 – China's first satellite (Dong Fang Hong 1) is what?
A: Launched into orbit.

Four students at Kent State University in Ohio are killed and 9 wounded by whom?
A: Ohio National Guardsmen, at a protest against the incursion into Cambodia.


The Beatles release their what?
A: Their 12th and final album, Let It Be.

The New York Knicks win their first what?
A:  NBA championship, defeating the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Boston Bruins win their first Stanley Cup since when?
A:  1941.

The 1976 Winter Olympics are awarded to what city?
A:  Denver, Colorado but it is later rejected in 1972.

The 1970 Ancash earthquake causes a landslide that buries what town?
A: Yungay, Peru. More than 47,000 people are killed.

Tonga gains independence from whom?
A: The United Kingdom.

The United States gets its first female what?
A: Generals, Anna Mae Hays and Elizabeth P. Hoisington.


What new stadium opens in Cincinnati?
A: Riverfront Stadium.

Colorado State College changes its name to what?
A:  University of Northern Colorado.

What dam in Egypt is completed?
A: The Aswan High Dam.

Who is shot and killed during a rally in East Los Angeles?
A: Rubén Salazar.

An anti-war rally at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, is attended by what three famous people?
A: John Kerry, Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland.

Elvis Presley begins his first what?
A: Concert tour since 1958 in Phoenix, Arizona, at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

What new model Chevrolet is introduced?
A: The Chevrolet Vega.

What new car does Ford introduce?
A:  The Ford Pinto.

Jimi Hendrix dies in London from what?
A: Complications of a drug overdose.

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