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Airport Aviation Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Airport Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers


Airport Trivia Quiz - Free Printable Quizzes With Answers


Klagenfurt international airport is in what country?
A: Austria.

McCoy international airport is located in what US state?
A: Florida.

What airline was the owner of the plane that crashed off the coast of Nova Scotia in 1998?
A: Swissair.

What state is Oakland international airport located in?
A: California.

What island in the Canary Islands was the scene of one of the worst air disasters in history with the collision of two jumbo jets?
A: Tenerife.

In what country is Osaka international airport?
A: Japan.

What kind of aircraft was developed by Sigorsky in the United States in 1942?
A: The Helicopter.

What name is given to the methods for making an aircraft hard to detect?
A: Stealth Technology.

The airline Augusta comes from what country?
A: Australia.

Punto Arenas International airport is in which country?
A: Chile.

In what US state is San Antonio international airport situated?
A: Texas.

Who pioneered the airship?
A: Count Von Zeppelin.

What is the location of Sky Harbor international airport?
A: Arizona, US.

What author had a best selling novel, Airport?
A: Arthur Haily.

Who was the first woman to run a US airline?
A: Maureen O'Hara. Antilles Air boats in the Virgin Islands.

In Germany, what is the main airport?
A: Frankfurt.

The airline TAP originates from what country?
A: Portugal.

What was the Airline that linked Silicon Valley to Austin Texas dubbed as?
A: The "Nerd Bird".

The airline VASP comes from which South American country?
A: Brazil.

What was the name of the German airship that crashed and burned in New Jersey in 1937?
A: The Hindenburg.

Who had a national airline called Garuda?
A: Indonesia.

Ethel Merman made a cameo appearance as a man who thinks he's singer Ethel Merman in what 1980 film?
A: Airplane.

What was the name of the first man to die in a US airplane crash?
A: Lieutenant Thomas E. Selfridge.

Why did the band Led Zeppelin perform under an alias, the Nobs, when they played in Copenhagen?
A: Airship heiress Eva Von Zeppelin threatened legal action.

What US state is Wichita international airport located in?
A: Kansas.

In the movie "Rain Man" Dustin Hoffman says he would be willing to fly on only one airline because of its safety record, what was the airline?
A: Quantas.

What US Congressman had roles in Hairspray and Airplane II before winning his seat in congress?
A: Sonny Bono.

What pilot was the first to suffer a passenger fatality in 1908?
A: Orville Wright.

An Israeli commando raid to rescue 103 hostages in 1976 took place at the airport in what Uganda airport?
A: Entebbe's.

Delta Airlines started out as the first crop-dusting outfit to battle what?
A: Boll weevils.

Where on an airplane are its ailerons located?
A: The wings.