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Airport and Airline Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Airport, airline, and aviation trivia quiz questions with answers.


Airport and Airline Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Klagenfurt international airport is in what country?
A: Austria.

McCoy international airport is located in what US state?
A: Florida.

What airline was the owner of the plane that crashed off the coast of Nova Scotia in 1998?
A: Swissair.

What state is Oakland international airport located in?
A: California.

What island in the Canary Islands was the scene of one of the worst air disasters in history with the collision of two jumbo jets?
A: Tenerife.

In what country is Osaka international airport?
A: Japan.

What kind of aircraft was developed by Sigorsky in the United States in 1942?
A: The Helicopter.


What name is given to the methods for making an aircraft hard to detect?
A: Stealth Technology.

The airline Augusta comes from what country?
A: Australia.

Punto Arenas International airport is in which country?
A: Chile.

In what US state is San Antonio international airport situated?
A: Texas.

Who pioneered the airship?
A: Count Von Zeppelin.

What is the location of Sky Harbor international airport?
A: Arizona, US.

What author had a best selling novel, Airport?
A: Arthur Haily.


Who was the first woman to run a US airline?
A: Maureen O'Hara. Antilles Air boats in the Virgin Islands.

In Germany, what is the main airport?
A: Frankfurt.

The airline TAP originates from what country?
A: Portugal.

What was the Airline that linked Silicon Valley to Austin Texas dubbed as?
A: The "Nerd Bird".

The airline VASP comes from which South American country?
A: Brazil.

What was the name of the German airship that crashed and burned in New Jersey in 1937?
A: The Hindenburg.

Who had a national airline called Garuda?
A: Indonesia.


Ethel Merman made a cameo appearance as a man who thinks he's singer Ethel Merman in what 1980 film?
A: Airplane.

What was the name of the first man to die in a US airplane crash?
A: Lieutenant Thomas E. Selfridge.

Why did the band Led Zeppelin perform under an alias, the Nobs, when they played in Copenhagen?
A: Airship heiress Eva Von Zeppelin threatened legal action.

What US state is Wichita international airport located in?
A: Kansas.

In the movie "Rain Man" Dustin Hoffman says he would be willing to fly on only one airline because of its safety record, what was the airline?
A: Quantas.

What US Congressman had roles in Hairspray and Airplane II before winning his seat in congress?
A: Sonny Bono.

What pilot was the first to suffer a passenger fatality in 1908?
A: Orville Wright.

An Israeli commando raid to rescue 103 hostages in 1976 took place at the airport in what Uganda airport?
A: Entebbe's.

Delta Airlines started out as the first crop-dusting outfit to battle what?
A: Boll weevils.

Where on an airplane are its ailerons located?
A: The wings.

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