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1980 Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers From the 80s

Trivia quiz questions about things from the year 1980.


1980 Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers From the 80s

Changes to the Swedish Act of Succession make Princess Victoria of Sweden what?
A: First in line to the throne ("heir apparent") and therefore Crown Princess, ahead of her younger brother.

President Carter proclaims a grain embargo against what country?
A: The USSR with the support of the European Commission.

Who kills the president of Sicily, Piersanti Mattarella?
A: He is killed by the Mafia.

In Saudi Arabia, what happens to 63 Islamist insurgents for their part in the siege of the Great Mosque in Mecca in November, 1979?
A: They are beheaded.

Nigel Short, 14, becomes the youngest chess player to be awarded what?
A: The degree of International Master.

Six United States diplomats, posing as Canadians, manage to escape from where as they board a flight to Zürich, Switzerland?
A: Tehran, Iran.

Where are the 1980 Winter Olympics held?
A: In Lake Placid, New York.


The United States Olympic Hockey Team defeats who in the semifinals of the Winter Olympics?
A: The Soviet Union.

The Voyager 1 probe confirms the existence of what?
A: Janus, a moon of Saturn.

Who is elected Prime Minister of Zimbabwe?
A: Robert Mugabe.

President Carter announces that the United States will do what?
A: Boycott the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow.

The United States severs diplomatic relations with what country?
A: Iran and imposes economic sanctions.

Rosie Ruiz wins the Boston Marathon, but is later exposed as a what?
A: A fraud and stripped of her award.

Queen Juliana of the Netherlands abdicates, and her daughter Beatrix does what?
A: Accedes to the throne.


The eruption of Mount St. Helens kills how many people?
A:  57 and causes US$3 billion in damage.

What episode of Star Wars is released?
A: Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

The New York Islanders win their first Stanley Cup, from a goal by whom in overtime of game six of the Stanley Cup playoffs's final round?
A: Bobby Nystrom.

Johnny Rutherford wins the Indianapolis 500 for a third time in whose revolutionary ground effect Chaparral car?
A: Jim Hall's.

What 24-hour news channel is launched?
A: Cable News Network (CNN)

In Los Angeles, comedian Richard Pryor is badly burned while trying to do what?
A: Freebase cocaine.

A Unabomber bomb injures whom?
A:  United Airlines president Percy Wood in Lake Forest, Illinois.


Pope John Paul II visits Brazil and 7 people are what?
A: Crushed to death in a crowd meeting him.

Where are the 1980 Summer Olympics held?
A: In Moscow, Soviet Union.

What album is released by the Australian band AC/DC?
A: Back in Black.

Where does Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, deposed Shah of Iran, die?
A: In Cairo.

Lech Wałęsa leads the first of many  what?
A: Strikes at the Gdańsk Shipyard.

British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher delivers her famous what?
A:  "The lady's not for turning" speech.

Republican challenger and former Governor Ronald Reagan of California defeats who?
A: Incumbent Democratic President Jimmy Carter.


What happens to former Beatles member John Lennon?
A: He is shot dead outside his home in New York.

Led Zeppelin issues a press release announcing their break-up due to what?
A: The death of their drummer John Bonham.

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