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NHL Hockey Trivia Questions and Answers

Free Hockey Trivia Questions and Answers with references to goals, players, penalties, NHL, Wanye Gretzky and more!


Hockey Questions and Answers - NHL

Q: What infraction is a hockey referee calling if he clasps his writs?
A: Holding.

Q: Who scored a record 10 hat tricks in an NHL season?
A: Wayne Gretzky.

Q: What coach for St. Louis, Montreal, Buffalo, Pittsburgh  and Detroit has the NHL's highest career winning percentage?
A: Scotty Bowman.

Q: What NHL team plays in an arena called The Pond?
A: The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim?

Q: Who won the only NHL MVP award not bagged by Wayne Gretzky in the 1980s?
A: Mario Lemieus.

Q: Who was the first defenseman to win the NHL point-scoring title?
A: Bobby Orr


Q: What city hosts the annual Beanpot Tournament for its collegiate hockey powerhouses?
A: Boston.

Q: Who became the first father and son to win the NHL's most valuable player award?
A: Bobby and Brett Hull.

Q:  Who's the first player to captain two different NHL championship teams?
A: Mark Messier.

Q: What hockey position player is most likely to wear a throat protector?
A: A goalie. 

Q:  How many NHL franchises were there in California, by 1995?
A: Three. 

Q:  What song did the U.S. hockey team forget the words to while celebrating a win over the Soviets at the 1980 Olympics?
A: God Bless America. 


Q: What NHL team emerges onto the ice from the giant jaws of a sea beast at home games?
A: The San Jose Sharks. 

Q: What was Craig McTavish the last NHL player to play without?
A: A helmet.

Q: What do hockey wags dub the "sin bin"?
A: The penalty box.

Q: What infraction is a hockey referee calling if he waves his hand below his knees?
A: Tripping.

Q:  Who's the only player to average over two assists per game in a single NHL season?
A: Wayne Gretzky.

Q: How many designated face-off spots are there on a hockey rink?
A: Nine.

Q: What NHL team hoisted 24 Stanley Cup flags before its first game in Molson Center?
A: The Montreal Canadians.




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