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1995 Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

1990s Trivia Quiz Questions from the year 1995.


1995 Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

The Draupner wave in the North Sea in Norway is detected, confirming what?
A: The existence of rogue waves.

The fourth Star Trek TV series, Voyager, premieres on  what?

Prodigy online service offers what?
A: Access to the World Wide Web.

A rocket launched from the space exploration centre at Andøya, Norway is briefly interpreted by the Russians as a what?
A: An incoming attack.

President Bill Clinton invokes emergency powers, to extend a $20 billion loan to help what country avert financial collapse?
A: Mexico.

A United Nations tribunal on human rights violations in the Balkans charges 21 Bosnian Serb commanders with what?
A: Genocide and crimes against humanity.

Who lands in Leader, Saskatchewan, Canada, becoming the first person to make a solo flight across the Pacific Ocean in a balloon?
A: Steve Fossett.


The Dow Jones Industrial Average gains 30.28 to close at 4,003.33 marking the first time the Dow has closed over what?
A:  4,000.

Who is sworn in as President of Uruguay for his second term?
A: Julio María Sanguinetti.

The first search engine service is founded. What is its name?
A: Yahoo!

Astronaut Norman Thagard becomes the first American to do what?
A: Ride into space aboard a Russian launch vehicle.

Mississippi ratifies the Thirteenth Amendment, becoming the last state to do what?
A: Approve the abolition of slavery.

Who murders Mexican American Tejano pop singer Selena?
A: Her former employee, Yolanda Saldívar.

A Unabomber bomb kills whom in Sacramento, California?
A: lobbyist Gilbert Murray.


Who is elected president of France?
A: Jacques Chirac.

What country wins the ice hockey world championship?
A: Finland.

More than 170 countries agree to extend "what"  indefinitely and without conditions?
A: Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.

What team wins the America's Cup in San Diego, beating Stars and Stripes 5–0?
A: New Zealand.

Christopher Reeve is paralyzed from the neck down after doing what?
A: Falling from his horse in a riding competition.

The Constitutional Court of South Africa abolishes what?
A: Capital punishment in South Africa.

French President Jacques Chirac announces the resumption of what?
A: Nuclear tests in French Polynesia.


The IOC selects what city to host the 2002 Winter Olympics?
A: Salt Lake City.

The New Jersey Devils sweep the heavily favored Detroit Red Wings to win their first what?
A: Stanley Cup in the lock-out shortened season.

South Africa wins the what?
A: Rugby World Cup.

Lisa Clayton completes her what?
A: 10-month solo circumnavigation from the Northern Hemisphere.

Space Shuttle Atlantis docks with what for the first time?
A: the Russian Mir space station.

Who is freed from house arrest?
A: Burmese dissident Aung San Suu Kyi

The Nasdaq Composite index closes above what for the first time?
A: the 1,000 mark.


The Chinese People's Liberation Army fires what into the waters north of Taiwan?
A: Missiles.

Hundreds in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Washington, D.C., and Tokyo mark the 50th anniversary of what?
A: The dropping of the atomic bomb.

American millionaire Steve Forbes announces what?
A: His candidacy for the 1996 Republican presidential nomination.

O. J. Simpson is found not guilty of  what?
A: Double murder for the deaths of former wife Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

The Carolina Panthers win their first-ever regular season game by defeating what team?
A: The New York Jets at Clemson Memorial Stadium in South Carolina.

What march is held in Washington, D.C.?
A: The Million Man March.

Who is assassinated at a peace rally in Tel Aviv?
A: Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.


What film became the first-ever fully computer animated movie?
A: Toy Story.

NASA's Galileo Probe enters what?
A: Jupiter's atmosphere.

The final original "what" is published.
A: Calvin and Hobbes comic strip.

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