Singer Trivia Questions about Singers, Songs, Bands, and Vocalists

Singer trivia questions about singing, songs and singers.


Singer Trivia Questions about Singers, Songs, Bands, and Vocalists

Who sang "Brown-Eyed Handsome Man which was a hit after he died?
A: Buddy Holly.

What six words are the most famous words spoken in The Jazz Singer, the first movie with a sound track?
A: Al Jolson's first words: "You ain't heard nothing yet, folks!"

As a child, what opera star was featured as a singing orphan on a radio soap opera?
A: Beverly Sills, on the radio serial Our Gal Sunday.

Why was opera singer Enrico Caruso's first film, My Cousin, a big flop?
A: It was a silent movie - not a big box office draw for a professional singer.

How did the lead singer and lyricist of the Irish rock band U2, Bono, get his name?
A: From a hearing aid store in Dublin called Bono Voz adapted from Latin meaning "good voice".

Who was the original lead singer with the group The Wailers?
A: Junior Braithwaite.

What famous country singing star starred in the movie 9 to 5?
A: Dolly Parton.


Who was the lead singer with INXS?
A: Michael Hutchence.

What musical instrument was singer Nat King Cole also very talented with?
A: Piano.

What environmental campaigner and UK pop singer appeared in the movie Dune?
A: Sting.

The Way We Were was the first number one hit for what singer?
A: Barbra Streisand.

In Woody Allen's 1977 movie hit, Annie Hall, what famous American singer-songwriter played the part of slick record promoter Tony Lacey?
A: Paul Simon.

In 1985 what famous female singer married Sean Penn?
A: Madonna.

What's Love Got To Do With It? was a movie about what famous female vocalist?
A: Tina Turner.


Author Peter Benchley was born on exactly the same day as what singer?
A: Rick Nelson.

The Jazz Singer was made by what film company?
A: Warner Brothers.

Time Inc merged with what movie company in 1989 to make Time Warner?
A: Warner Brothers.

Which singer "ain't gonna work on Maggie's farm no more?
A: Bob Dylan.

What was singer Sinead O'Coner re-dubbed when she became a priestess of the Catholic Latin Tridenine Church?
A: Mother Bernadette Mary.

What was the name of the male vocalist backed by the Zodiacs?
A: Maurice Williams.

What are veteran pop singer Stewarts first names?
A: Roderick David.


Daryl Hanna once performed as a singer in an all-girl band known as what?
A: "Psychotic Kindergarten".

At 54 years old, which famous singer took everything but her boots off for a playboy cover?
A: Nancy Sinatra.

What major Hollywood studio signed the first black performer, singer Lena Horne, in 1942?
A: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Bob Marley's birthday, February 6, is a national holiday in what country?
A: Bob Marley's.

What is the name of the country singer who recorded The IRS Tapes; Who'll Buy My Memories to help pay a $16.7 million tax bill?
A: Willie Nelson.

After getting out of jail in 1991, what famous soul singer said, "I feel good"?
A: James Brown.

When three alternative rock producers spied singer Shirley Manson on MTV and asked her to play with them, what hit band got its start?
A: Garbage.

In 1991, which famous rock n roll band resurrected Bob Dylan's Knockin on Heaven's Door?
A: Guns N' Roses.