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Trivia Quiz for Seniors

Free seniors trivia quiz questions and answers about TV soap operas.


Trivia Quiz for Seniors

Which star of Dynasty starred in To Rome With Love?
A: John Forsythe.

Which fictional valley was the setting for Falcon Crest?
A: Tuscany Valley.

Which character in Dallas was played by the actor who played Curly in the movie Oklahoma?
A: Clayton Farlow  (Howard Keel).

What was Rock Hudson's final TV role, in Dynasty?
A: Daniel Reece.

In which soap did David Hasselhoff appear before finding stardom in Baywatch?
A: The Young and the Restless.

In The Waltons, the stories were told through whose eyes?
A: John Boy.

Who were the twins in Sweet Valley High?
A: Jessica & Elizabeth.


In which decade was the first sequel to Peyton Place screened?

Which part did ex-Colbys actress Tracy Scoggins play in the 90s Superman series?
A: Cat Grant.

The launch episode of Central Park West was shown on a huge screen where?
A: Times Square.

In the 90s what was the top-rated network drama in the 18 to 3 age group?
A: Beverly Hills 90210.

Which Prince did Amanda marry in Dynasty?
A: Michael.

What was Beverly Hills 90210 originally titled?
A: Class of Beverly Hills.

Where was Knots Landing set?
A: Southern California.


In Dallas, what was Miss Ellie's last name when she was still a Miss?
A: Southworth.

Which Dallas character was played by Elvis Presley's widow?
A: Jenna.

Dynasty's John Forsythe was once a commentator on which sport?
A: Baseball.

Which star of Dallas appeared in The Man Form Atlantis?
A: Patrick Duffy.

In Dallas, how did Jock meet his death?
A: Helicopter accident.

What was the name of the baby of JR and his would-be assassin Kristin?
A: Christopher.


Which Ewing was the father of Lucy?
A: Gary.

Who played Melrose Place's Amanda after leaving Dynasty?
A: Heather Locklear.

Which soap spin-off featured Hillary Michaels, originally from Melrose Place?
A: Models Inc.

Which Colby was taken away by a UFO?
A: Fallon.

In Savannah, what was Travis Paterson's profession?
A: Lawyer.

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