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Elvis Presley Trivia Questions And Answers

Elvis Presley trivia quiz questions with answers.


Elvis Presley Trivia Questions And Answers

Elvis Presley played a mixed race character in what 1960 movie?
A: Flaming Star

Elvis played a double role in what movie?
A:  Kissing Cousins

The day after his death who sold the most albums on a single day?
A:  Elvis - 20 million

What was the name of the movie where Elvis played an Indian?
A:  Stay away Joe

What links Elvis Presley, Bruce Willis,  and Richard Gere?
A: Married in Las Vegas

Elvis Presley collected statues of what famous woman?
A:  Joan of Arc

Who made a TV advertisement for Southern Maid Doughnuts?
A:  Elvis Presley


Who did Elvis Presley say was the greatest singer in the world?
A:  Roy Orbison

Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis's manager, had what earlier act?
A:  Dancing Chickens – on a hot plate

What class did famous artist Elvis Presley fail in school?
A:  Music

In which Elvis movie does he play a hillbilly garage hand?
A:  Loving You

What was the name of Elvis Presley's twin brother Aaron?
A: Jesse Garon Presley.

Elvis Presley's father was named what?
A:  Vernon Presley

Elvis Presley and Errol Flynn had what kinky habit?
A:  Peeping Toms.

In what 1956 movie did Elvis Presley make his debut?
A: Love me Tender


The Blue Moon Boys were the backup group for what singer?
A:  Elvis Presley

1994 Christies sold what piece of Elvis memorabilia for $ 41,400?
A: His Amex credit card

What famous entertainer is on the most popular us commemorative stamp?
A:  Elvis

Elvis Presley would never do what as a performer?
A:  An Encore

Who is the only artist that toured with Elvis, the Beatles, and the Eagles?
A:  Roy Orbison

Who was once billed as "The Atomic Powered Singer"?
A:  Elvis Presley

What did Elvis Presley say turned him off?
A: Women with big feet

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