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Star Trek Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Star Trek trivia quiz questions with answers.


Star Trek Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

In the Star Trek series, the part of Ensign Chekov  was played by who?
A:  Walter Koenig

What actor played the part of Data in Star Trek, the Next Generation?
A: Brent Spiner

In 1995, 13 books were sold every minute in U.S.  on what subject?
A:  Star Trek

Apart from Star Trek, the actors Kirk, Scott, Spock, and Sulu  appeared on what other program?
A:  The Twilight Zone

Which science fiction TV program first used the word hell?
A:  Star Trek - " lets get the hell outa here"

What was used as Dr McCoy's medical scanner in Star Trek?
A:  A Salt Shaker

Data's cat was named what in Star Trek Next Generation?
A: Spot


Dr McCoy was played by what actor in the original Star Trek series?
A:  Deforest Kelly

In Star Trek, what is the name of Spock's father ?
A: Mr.Sarek

Gene Roddenberry's  Star Trek  had rwo radical ideas,  Spock's Ears and what?
A: Having a woman second in command

In Star Trek what was the vulcan  Sha Ka Ree?
A:   Vulcans  heaven

In the Star Trek series, Seven of nine in Voyager is played by what actress?
A: Jeri Ryan

In the cartoon version of Star Trek, who voiced Mr. Spock?
A:  Leonard Nimoy

Who was the director for the Star Trek movies 3 and 4?
A:  Leonard Nimoy


On the first Star Trek movie, who was the science advisor?
A:  Isaac Asimov

What TV show ran for 78 episodes before it was scrapped?
A:  Star Trek

Which Star Trek character did not appear in the cartoon version?
A: Chekov

What Star Trek title was taken from Shakespeare's Hamlet ?
A: The Undiscovered Country

In Star Trek, whose family name is Zimprsquzzntwlfb?
A: Mr. Spock

What is Mr. Spocks normal heartbeat ?
A: 242 beats per minute

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