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General Science Trivia Questions and Answers

Science trivia quiz questions and answers.


General Science Trivia Questions and Answers

Q: What process involves treating rubber with sulfur to harden it?
A: Vulcanizing.

Q: What scale of zero to 14 is used to measure acidity or alkalinity?
A: The pH scale.

Q: What O-word describes oxygen with molecules that have three atoms instead of two?
A: Ozone.

Q: What unit of electrical power is equal to one joule per second?
A: The Watt.

Q: What planet is closest in size to our moon?
A: Mercury.

Q: What's the common name for a cubic decimeter?
A: A liter.


Q: What measure of energy comes from the Latin word meaning "heat"?
A: The calorie.

Q: What's removed from water in the process of desalination?
A: Salt.

Q: What species Amazonian electric variety packs a 650 volt wallop?
A: The eel's.

Q: What C word defines a substance that speeds a chemical reaction without being consumed?
A: Catalyst.

Q: What's the base unit of mass in the metric system?
A: The kilogram.

Q: What cooking fuel is produced by heating wood without oxygen?
A: Charcoal. 


Q: What's the only metal that's not a solid at room temperature?
A: Mercury.

Q: Which will yield the most BTUs of energy--a gallon of oil, a pound of coal or a gallon of gasoline?
A: A gallon of oil.

Q: What unit of measure do you multiply by .39 to convert it to inches?
A: Centimeters.

Q: What method of underwater detection is short for "sound navigation and ranging"?
A: Sonar.

Q: What hazardous substance is euphemistically referred to as "mineral fiber"?
A: Asbestos.

Q: What color does litmus turn when dipped into acid?
A: Pink.


Q: What process involves heating an ore to obtain a metal?
A: Smelting.

Q: What's the U. S. equivalent of 0.45 kilograms?
A: One pound. 

Q: What's defined as the distance between a lens and its focal point?
A: It's focal length. 

Q: What energy unit is defined as the heat required to raise one kilogram of water by one degree Celsius?
A: One Calorie. 

Q: What founding father was knocked unconscious while attempting to electrocute a turkey?
A: Benjamin Franklin..

Q: What continent is subjected to the world's largest ozone hole?
A: Antarctica.


Q: What sea creature can have an eye measuring 16 inches across, the largest in the animal kingdom?
A: A squid.

Q: What explosive cosmic event was seen with the naked eye in 1987, for the first time in 383 years?
A: A supernova.

Q: What three terms are represented in Newton's second law of motion F = ma?
A: Force, mass, acceleration. 

Q: How many of the nine planets have moons?
A: Seven. 

Q: What were exterminated from Harvard's bio labs when they were found to be carrying radioactive chemicals into the walls?
A: Ants.

Q: What type of trees yield the resin used to produce turpentine?
A: Pine trees.

Q: What's the most malleable metal?
A: Gold.




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