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Electricity Trivia Questions and Answers

Electricity trivia questions with answers.


Electrical Trivia Quiz Questions

Electricity is energy caused by the flow of what?
A: electric charge.

Early capacitors were also known as what?
A: Condensers.

In modern homes current is often described as being either direct current (DC) or what?
A: Alternating current (AC).

Many inductors have a magnetic core made of iron or ferrite inside the coil that increases the magnetic field and thus the what of the coil?
A: Inductance.

The resistor is one of the simplest of passive circuit elements and it resists the flow of current through it, dissipating its energy as what?
A: Heat.

The ohm, the unit of resistance, was named in honor of whom?
A: George Ohm.


The ohm is symbolized by what Greek letter?
A: The Greek letter Ω.

1 Ω is the resistance that will produce a potential difference of one volt in response to how much current?
A: One amp.

By convention, the charge carried by electrons is deemed negative, and that by protons is deemed what?
A: Positive.

The first ever solid-state electronic device was the "cat's whisker" detector, first used in the 1930s in what type of equipment?
A: Radio receivers.

A passive two-terminal electrical component that produces electrical resistance in a circuit is called what?
A: A resistor.

Dutch physicist Pieter van Musschenbroek invented a capacitor, and named it after the University of Leiden where he worked. What did he name it?
A: The Leyden Jar.


What famous scientist introduced the concept of the electric field?
A: Michael Faraday.

Long before any knowledge of electricity existed people were aware of shocks from what type of animal?
A: Electric Fish.

The voltage of a large what may be as high as 100 million volts and have discharge energies as great as 250 kWh?
A: Lightning strike.

The current through a resistor is in direct proportion to the what across the resistor's terminals?
A: Voltage.

An electric fish is a fish that can generate a what?
A: Electric field.

Alternating current is any current that reverses what repeatedly?
A: Direction.


A capacitor consists of two conductors separated by a non-conductive region called the what?
A: Dielectric.

A fish that can generate electric fields is said to be electrogenic while a fish that has the ability to detect electric fields is said to be what?
A: Electroreceptive.

What is created by a charged body in the space that surrounds it?
A: An electric field.

Capacitors are widely used in electronic circuits for blocking what, while allowing alternating current to pass?
A: Direct current.

All capacitors contain at least two electrical conductors separated by a what?
A: Insulator or dielectric.

In a capacitor energy is stored in what?
A: The electrostatic field.

The study of electric fields created by stationary charges is called what?
A: Electrostatics.

Most electrogenic fish are also what?
A: Electroreceptive.

The reciprocal of resistance R is called what?
A: Conductance.

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