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Electronic Inductor Quiz Questions and Answers

Trivia quiz questions with answers about inductors.


Inductor Quiz Questions

What is an inductor?
A: An inductor is a passive two-terminal electrical component which resists a change in electric current.

What does an inductor consist of?
A: A conductor such as a wire, usually wound into a coil.

When current flows through an inductor, energy is stored temporarily in a what?
A: Magnetic field in the coil.

When the current in an inductor changes, the time-varying magnetic field induces a what in the conductor?
A: Voltage.

According to Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction, what does the voltage do?
A: It opposes the change in current that created it.

An inductor is characterized by its what?
A: Inductance.

What is inductance?
A: The ratio of the voltage to the rate of change of current.


In what units is inductance expressed?
A: Henries (H).

Inductors have values that typically range from 1 µH (10−6H) to what?
A:  1 H.

Many inductors have a magnetic core made of what?
A: Iron or ferrite.

What does including an iron or ferrite core do?
A: It serves to increase the magnetic field and thus the inductance.

Along with capacitors and resistors, inductors are one of the three passive linear circuit elements that make up what?
A: Electric circuits.

Inductors are widely used in what type of  electronic equipment?
A: Alternating current (AC), particularly in radio equipment.

What are one of the things that  inductors used for?
A: To block the flow of AC current while allowing DC to pass.


What are inductors are called that are designed for this purpose?
A: Chokes.

They are also used in electronic  "what", to separate signals of different frequencies?
A: Filters.

They are also used in combination with capacitors to make what?
A: Tuned circuits, used to tune radio and TV receivers.

The electric current through a conductor creates a what?
A: Magnetic flux around the conductor.

Any conductor will generate a magnetic field when current flows through it, so every conductor has what?
A: Some inductance.

The inductance of a circuit depends on the geometry of the current path and what?
A: The magnetic permeability of nearby materials.

 In inductors, the wire or other conductor is shaped to increase the what?
A: Magnetic field.


Winding the wire into a coil increases the number of times the magnetic flux lines do what?
A: Link the circuit, increasing the field and thus the inductance.

What effect does adding turns have?
A: It raises the inductance.

The high permeability of a ferromagnetic core can increase the inductance of a coil by a factor of how much?
A: Several thousand over what it would be without it.

Any change in the current through an inductor creates a changing what?
A: Flux, inducing a voltage across the inductor.

The polarity, or direction, of the induced voltage is given by Lenz's law, which states that it will be such as to do what to the change in current?
A:  Oppose it.

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