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Funny Strange Legal Trivia Questions And Answers

Strange funny laws trivia questions with answers.


Funny Strange Legal Trivia Questions And Answers

What was still legal tender in East Germany until 1990?
A:  Sausages.

What does Federal law prohibit the recycling of?
A: Used eyeglasses

According to Illinois law it is prohibited for men to have a what in public?
A:  An erection.

What is the most commonly prosecuted illegal act?
A:  Speeding.

In Urbana Illinois its illegal for who or what to enter the city limits?
A:  A Monster.


The sport of Greyhound Racing is legal in only how many American States?
A:  16

It's illegal to show movies that picture Police getting beaten in what US state?
A: South Dakota

In Tampa Bay Florida it's against the law for who or what to leave a ship?
A:  Rats.

In Guelph Ontario a by-law makes what illegal in the city?
A:  Urinating.

It's illegal to put what on the school bus in Florida?
A:  Livestock.


In Nicholas County West Virginia it's against the law to do what in the pulpit?
A:  Tell Jokes.

In Idaho Falls Idaho, it's not legal for anyone over 88 years old to do what?
A:  Ride a motorcycle

In which state is it illegal to bite some else's Hamburger ?
A:  Oklahoma

In Albany New York what's it against the law to do in the streets?
A:  Play Golf.

Pope Clement VII made it illegal for anyone else to eat what?
A:  Mushrooms


In China, to go to school you must be what?
A:  Intelligent

In Memphis Tennessee beggars must have what before begging ?
A: A $ 10 begging license, a 1996 law

In Massachusetts It's against the law to put what in clam chowder?
A:  Tomatoes 

In Winston-Salem N Carolina its illegal anyone under 7 years old to do what?
A: Go to College.

In Denmark before driving, by law you must check under your car for what?
A:  Children.

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