Idaho Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Free fun long trivia quiz with answers about Idaho!


Idaho Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

What is the Idaho state tree?
A: The Western White Pine.

Where does Idaho rank in size among the states?
A: It is the 14th largest.

Where does Idaho get most of the energy that it consumes?
A: Imported from other states.

What is the Idaho state song?
A: Here We Have Idaho.

How does Idaho rank as far as population with the other states?
A: It's the 39th most populous.

Idaho has the world's largest factory for "what", with a capacity of 120,000 metric tons per year?
A: Barrel cheese.

When did Idaho State University in Pocatello open?
A: In 1901 as the Academy of Idaho.


What is the Idaho state raptor?
A: Peregrine falcon.

What is the capital of Idaho?
A: Boise.

From 1990 to 2010, Idaho's population increased by how much?
A: 55%.

Where does Idaho rank in terms of land area with other states?
A: It's the 13thlargest state in terms of land area at 83,570 sq. miles.

What are the residents of Idaho called?
A: Idahoans.

Where is the home of Idaho State University?
A: Pocatello.

What is the Idaho State Flower?
A: Syringa (Philadelphus lewisii).


What are Idaho's two major airports?
A: Boise Airport, and the Spokane International Airport.

Beginning in the 70s, Boise has emerged as a center of what kind of manufacturing?
A: Semiconductor.

On what date was Idaho was admitted to the Union?
A: On July 3, 1890.

What is the Idaho state fruit?
A: The Huckleberry.

Idaho is mountainous and is bigger than what region?
A: New England.

What is Idaho's nickname?
A: The Gem State.

There are only two places on earth where significant quantities of the gem star garnets can be found, Idaho and where?
A: India.


What is the Idaho state insect?
A: The Monarch butterfly.

Sometimes Idaho is referred to as the what?
A: Potato State.

What is the state motto for Idaho?
A: Esto Perpetua (Latin for "Let it be forever").

How many US states does Idaho border?
A: Six.

Which two states of are to the west of Idaho?
A: Washington and Oregon.

What two states are to the south of Idaho?
A: Nevada and Utah.

What is the Idaho state horse?
A: The Appaloosa.


Idaho shares a border with what Canadian province?
A: British Columbia.

What is special about Hells Canyon.
A: It's the deepest gorge in the United States.

What is the Idaho state bird?
A: The Mountain Bluebird.

In Idaho, Shoshone Falls is a water fall that is taller than what?
A: Niagara Falls.

The Port of Lewiston is the farthest inland seaport on the West Coast at how many river miles from the Pacific ocean?
A: 465.

What is the Idaho state fish?
A: The Cutthroat trout.

What was the first university in Idaho, founded in 1889?
A: University of Idaho in Moscow,.


Where are the main offices of the Idaho National Laboratory?
A: Idaho Falls.

What is Idaho's highest point?
A: Borah Peak at 12,662 ft.

How many counties does Idaho have?
A: 44.

What is the Idaho State Gem?
A: Idaho star garnet.

Where is the state of Idaho's lowest point?
A: In Lewiston at 710 ft .

The largest industry in Idaho, the science and technology sector, accounts for over 70% of Idaho's what?
A: Exports.

Which mountain range is usually considered to be Idaho's most?
A: The Sawtooth Range.


Who supplies most of the natural gas used in Idaho?
A: Washington State.

What is the Idaho state fossil?
A: Hagerman Horse (Equus simplicidens).

How many time zones does Idaho have?
A: Two.

How far is Idaho's western border from the Pacific Ocean?
A: 350 miles.

How long ago might there have been Humans in Idaho?
A: 14,500 years ago.

Where is the home of Northwest Nazarene University?
A: Nampa.

Excavations at Wilson Butte Cave near in 1959 showed evidence of "what"  including the oldest dated artifacts in North America ?
A: Human activity.


In what year did the Lewis and Clark expedition cross Idaho on its way to the Pacific Ocean?
A: In 1806.

What is the Idaho state dance?
A: The Square Dance.

The first non-indigenous settlement was Kullyspell House, located on the shore of what lake?
A: Lake Pend Oreille.

During the Great Depression prices plummeted for Idaho's what?
A: Major crops.

What has become the largest single economic center in Idaho with over 25% of the state's total revenue?
A: Science and technology .

Idaho produces about how much of the potatoes grown in the US?
A: Almost one third.

Idaho is home to three of Anheuser-Busch facilities that provide the what for breweries located across the nation?
A: Malt.


Boise is the home of Micron Technology, the only U.S. manufacturer of what?
A: Dynamic random access memory (DRAM) chips.

Imports account for how much of Idaho's total energy consumption?
A: More than 80% .

How much of the electricity consumed in Idaho in 2005 came from hydroelectricity?
A: 48%.

Idaho is one of the few states without a major freeway linking its two what?
A: Largest metropolitan areas.

Idaho is served by how many transcontinental railroads?
A: Three.

What is the Idaho state amphibian?
A: Eastern Tiger Salamander.