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Nevada Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers

Trivia quiz questions about Nevada with answers


Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers About The State of Nevada

Where does Nevada rank for population among the states?
A: 35th.

What is the Nevada State fossil?
A:  Ichthyosaur.

What does Nevada have by far the most of per capita in U.S.?
A: Hotel rooms.

What city is the capital of Nevada?
A:  Carson City.

Why is Nevada known as the "Battle Born State"?
A:  It achieved statehood during the Civil War.

What nationality were the first Europeans to explored the region?
A: The Spaniards.

What is the Nevada State flower?
A:  Sagebrush.


 Where did the name Nevada come from?
A: The Spanish explorers named it Nevada which means snowy.

Before the Europeans showed up, what is now Nevada was inhabited by what three Native American tribes?
A: The Paiute, Shoshone, and Washoe.

Nevada has a domestic partnership registry that enables gay couples to enjoy the same rights as who?
A: Married couples.

What is the Nevada State fish?
A:  Lahontan cutthroat trout.

On what date did Nevada become the 36th state?
A: On October 31, 1864.

What kind of laws is Nevada known for?
A: Its libertarian laws.

In Nevada prostitution employs roughly how many women?
A: Aproximatly300.


What turned Nevada into the popular tourist destination that it is today?
A: The establishment of legalized gambling and lenient marriage and divorce proceedings.

What is the Nevada State colors?
A: Silver and blue.

Nevada is the only state where prostitution is what?
A:  Legal, though it is illegal in Clark County and Washoe County which contain Las Vegas and Reno, respectively.

What is Nevada's largest employer?
A: The tourism industry.

Nevada is the world's fourth largest producer of what type of metal?
A:  Gold .

Nevada allows for use of "what" for medical reasons?
A:  Marijuana.

What is the highest recorded temperature for Nevada?
A: 125 °F in Laughlin on June 29, 1994.


What is the coldest recorded temperature for Nevada?
A:  −52 °F set in San Jacinto in 1972.

What is the Nevada State grass?
A:  Indian ricegrass.

The southern third of the state, where the Las Vegas area is located in the southern third of Nevada and is in what desert?
A: The Mojave Desert.

What is the average yearly rainfall for Nevada?
A: About 7 inches.

Nevada is well known for having the harshest penalties for what type of offenders in the US?
A: Non-alcohol drugs.

What is the Nevada State bird?
A:  Mountain Bluebird.

Nevada is divided into how many counties?
A: 17.


What county in Nevada has the most people?
A: Clark County.

What is the Nevada State march?
A:  "Silver State Fanfare" by Gerald G. Willis.

Las Vegas is Nevada's most populous city, has been the "what" since the county was created?
A: The county seat.

Nevada became the 36th U.S. State in the Union on what date?
A: October 3, 1864.

What is permitted in casinos, hotel rooms, tobacco shops, and brothels?
A: Smoking.

What is the Nevada State metal?
A:  Silver.

In Nevada gambling was outlawed in 1909 as part of a nation-wide anti-gambling crusade, but  Nevada again legalized gambling on what date?
A:  March 19, 1931.


How big is the Nevada Test Site, 65 miles northwest of the city of Las Vegas in square miles?
A: Approximately 1,350 square miles.

When was the last atmospheric test conducted at the Nevada test site?
A: On July 17, 1962.

What is the Nevada State precious gemstone?
A:  Virgin Valley black fire opal.

As far as crime is concerned, in 2008, Nevada had the third highest what in the country?
A: Murder rate.

When was the underground testing of weapons discontinued?
A:  September 23, 1992.

What is the Nevada State semiprecious gemstone?
A:  Nevada turquoise.

What percentage of Nevada's land is owned by the federal government?
A: Over eighty percent.


According to the  Census Bureau the population of Nevada was what on July 1, 2013?
A: 2,790,136.

The California Gold Rush of the 1850s brought thousands of Chinese miners to what county?
A:  Washoe county.

What is the Nevada State slogan?
A:  "The Battle Born State".

The 2000 Census revealed that 16.19% of the state's residents over 5 years old speak what language at home?
A: Spanish.

What is the Nevada State artifact?
A: Tule Duck Decoy.

In 2004, 6,800,000 ounces of gold were mined in the state, worth $2.84 billion, and it amounted to 8.7% of what?
A: The world gold production.

In 2008, the state had the highest rate of what in the country?
A: Robbery and motor vehicle theft.


What percentage of Nevada's 484,000 acres of cropland is used to grow hay, for feeding livestock ?
A: Over 90%.

What is the Nevada State song?
A:  "Home Means Nevada" by Bertha Raffetto.

In Nevada, the U.S. Route 50 is also known as what?
A: "The Loneliest Road in America".

Nevada does not have a continuous interstate highway linking its two major what?
A: Population centers.

Nevada is one of only a few states in the country that allows Semi trucks with what ?
A:  Three trailers.

What is the Nevada State reptile?
A: Desert Tortoise.

Where does a  4-mile long monorail provide public transportation?
A:  In the Las Vegas area.


What are the two major airports serving Nevada?
A: McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, and Reno-Tahoe International Airport.

As far as taxation goes, Nevada has no what?
A: Personal income tax or corporate income tax.

What is the Nevada State rock?
A:  Sandstone.

Interestingly enough, since Nevada does not collect income data it can't share the data with who?
A: The feds or the IRS.

Nevada voters enacted a smoking ban that outlaws smoking where?
A: In most workplaces and public places.

 Smoking is permitted in bars if the bar does not do what?
A: Serve food.

What is the Nevada State animal?
A:  Desert Bighorn Sheep.

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