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Song Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Printable song trivia quiz questions with answers about songs and singing.


Song Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

In the song, "You can't hurry love, You'll just have to" what?
A: Wait.

The song " I Talk To The Trees" was featured in what musical?
A: Paint Your Wagon.

According to the group Poison, what does every rose have?
A: Its thorn.

In the 1950s hit song who did Running Bear love?
A: Little White Dove.

Which musical featured the song, "Ol' Man River?
A: Showboat.

In the rock n roll song, what is said right after Good Golly?
A: Miss Molley.

Which "Bond Film" did Lulu sing the title song for?
A: The Man With The Golden Gun.


Sheryl Crow sang the title song for which Bond Film?
A: Tomorrow Never Dies.

The song "Rhythm Of Life" was featured in which musical?
A: Sweet Charity.

What kind of animals are being referred to in the song "Bight Eyes">
A: Rabbits.

A famous American composer had two of his songs used as official state anthems, what is his name?
A: Stephen Foster, My Old Kentucky Home for Kentucky and Old Folks at Home for Florida.

What is the last word of Shania Twain's song "Man! I Feel Like A Woman!"?
A: Woman.

In the Disney classic Snow White sings "Some Day My Prince Will Come" and what other song?
A: I'm Wishing.

When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, what was the song the Navy band was playing?
A: The Star-Spangled Banner.


What famous rock and roll group got it's name from a song by the blues band Muddy Waters?
A: The Rolling Stones.  Muddy Waters song was "Rollin Stone".

Which group sang a silly love song?
A: Wings.

Shirley Bassey sang for three Bond films, what film was the third one?
A: Moonraker.

What popular soft drink was advertised though the song "I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing?
A: Coca Cola.

Gene who recorded the rock song "Be Bop A Lula"?
A: Vincent.

Who wrote the song "White Christmas"?
A: Irving Berlin.

The song "Food, Glorious Food" was featured in what musical?
A: Oliver.


What musical featured the song "Shall We Dance"?
A: The King and I.

What Frank Sinatra song rhymes a line with "shy way"?
A: My Way.

"It took so long to bake it" is a line in what song?
A: Macarthur Park.

Top Gun had a successful song hit by Berlin, which song was it?
A: Take My Breath Away.

For the movie "The Woman in Red" a Stevie Wonder song won and Oscar, what song was it?
A: I Just Called To Say I Love You.

Carly Simon sand the title song for which Bond film?
A: The Spy Who Love Me.


"The Dancing Cuckoos" was the theme song of which pair of comics?
A: Laurel and Hardy.

What was the name of the only song from a Hitchcock film to ever win and Oscar for Best Song?
A: "Que Sera Sera".

What was the name of the song that won an Oscar for the film The Poseidon Adventure?
A: The Morning After.

Which Monty Python movie has the song "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life?
A: The Life of Brian.

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