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Kentucky Trivia Questions And Answers

Kentucky trivia quiz questions with answers.


Kentucky Trivia Questions And Answers

Kentucky is one of how many states formed as a commonwealth?
A: 4.

What is Kentucky's official state bird?
A: Cardinal.

What did the Governor of Kentucky deploy to end the Black Patch Tobacco Wars?
A: The Kentucky Militia.

In June 2007, the speed limit on rural portions of Kentucky Interstates was raised from 65 to how many miles per hour?
A:  70.

What is the official state motto?
A: "United We Stand Divided We Fall".

Kentucky was one of the border states during what?
A: The Civil War.

How many counties does Kentucky have?
A: 120.


Originally a part of Virginia, Kentucky became the 15th state to do what?
A: Join the Union.

Where does Kentucky rank in population with respect to the other states?
A:  26th.

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How did Kentucky get its nickname, the "Bluegrass State"?
A: It's based on the bluegrass found in many of its pastures.

What is Kentucky's official sate butterfly?
A: Viceroy Butterfly.

Kentucky hosts one of the biggest races in American horse racing called the what?
A: The Kentucky Derby.

Where does Kentucky rank in goat farming?
A: 5th nationally.

What is the official state fruit?
A: The Blackberry.


Which two of Kentucky's major cities are located in the Bluegrass Region?
A:  Louisville and Lexington.

On January 30, 1900, what Governor was mortally shot by an assassin while walking to the State and died of his wounds?
A:  Governor William Goebel.

What is the official state dance for Kentucky?
A: Clogging.

Kentucky has the world's longest what?
A: Cave system at Mammoth Cave National Park.

What is the official state horse?
A: Thoroughbred.

The state of Kentucky has the highest per capita number of "what" in the US?
A: Deer and turkey.

How many states share a border with Kentucky?
A: Seven.


What is Kentucky's official state gemstone?
A: Freshwater Pearl

Which US state lies to the east?
A:  West Virginia.

Old Louisville hosts the St. James Court Art Show which is the what?
A: The largest outdoor art show in the United States .

Which state borders Kentucky to the south?
A:  Tennessee.

Governor William Goebel is the only governor of a U.S. state that has been assassinated while what?
A: Still in office.

What is the official state fossil for Kentucky?
A: Brachiopod.

What river forms Kentucky's northern border?
A: The Ohio River.


A vigilante wing, the "Night Riders", terrorized and burned several tobacco warehouses  in what cities?
A: Hopkinsville and Princeton.

Kentucky's official state mineral is what?
A: Coal.

Hundreds of what kind of farms are located in Kentucky's Inner Bluegrass region?
A: Horse farms.

ln Kentucky, the average annual rainfall is how many inches?
A:  46 inches.

What was the highest temperature ever recorded in Kentucky?
A:  114 °F at Greensburg on July 28, 1930.

The birthplace of Abraham Lincoln is in Hodgenville and hosts the annual what?
A:  Lincoln Days Celebration.

What is the official state beverage?
A: Milk.


What was the lowest  ever record temperature in Kentucky?
A: −37 °F at Shelbyville on January 19, 1994.

Kentucky has the only domestic site for enriched uranium rods which are produced at what plant?
A:  The Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant.

What is the official state rock for Kentucky?
A: Kentucky Agate.

Lake Cumberland in Kentucky is the largest artificial lake east of the Mississippi in terms of what?
A: Water volume and surface area .

Kentucky is the only state that is bordered on three sides by what?
A: Rivers, the Mississippi, the Ohio, and the Big Sandy River.

The official state tree is what?
A: Tulip Poplar.

Except for Alaska,  Kentucky has more navigable miles of what than any other state?
A: Water.


Kentucky has been part of a successful wildlife reintroduction project after restoring what population, that had been extinct from the area for over 150 years?
A: Elk.

The state of Kentucky stocked what type of birds in the 1950s that had long been extinct there??
A:  Wild turkeys.

What is Kentucky's official state flower?
A: Goldenrod.

In 2013 in Hart County, Kentucky, what was shot by a hunter, a first in modern times?
A:  A gray wolf.

Where is the only place in the Western Hemisphere that a "moon-bow"  can be regularly seen?
A: Cumberland Falls, Kentucky.

Black Mountain is Kentucky's what?
A: Highest point.

How many miles of shoreline does Lake Cumberland have?
A:   1,255 miles .


What are the  two recognized Indian tribes in Kentucky?
A:  The Southern Cherokee Nation of Kentucky and the Ridgetop Shawnee.

What is Kentucky's official state song?
A: "My Old Kentucky Home".

Who was the first elected Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky?
A: Isaac Shelby.

During the 19th century, which Kentucky city was a major slave market and departure port for slaves?
A: Louisville .

Kentucky was officially a "neutral" state during the Civil War due to what?
A:  Union sympathies of some of the Commonwealth's citizens.

The Black Patch Tobacco Wars was a vigilante action resulting from the tobacco industry monopoly, which forced tobacco farmers to sell their tobacco at what?
A: Low prices.

Kentucky is one of five U.S. states that elects its state officials in what?
A: Odd-numbered years.


Kentucky was the site of the first commercial what in the United States?
A: Winery.

Kentucky is served by six How many major interstate highways does Kentucky have?
A: Six. I-24, I-64, I-65, I-69, I-71, and I-75.

In the nineteenth century Louisville was a major port for what?
A: Steamships.

What is the largest county in Kentucky?
A:  Pike County.

Bowling Green is Kentucky's third-largest city and the location of the only plant in the world that assembles the what?
A:  Chevrolet Corvette.

What is the official Kentucky state fish?
A: Kentucky Spotted Bass.

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