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Ohio Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Ohio trivia quiz questions and answers with over 50 questions, both easy and hard!


Ohio Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Where does Ohio rank in so far as size with the other states in area?
A: It is the 34th largest.

 What are the names of the seven presidents born in Ohio?
A:  Ulysses S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, James A. Garfield, Benjamin Harrison, William McKinley, William Howard Taft and Warren G. Harding.

Where does Ohio rank as far as population with the rest of the states?
A: It's the 7th most populous.

The US established the Northwest Territory with the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 which prohibited "what" in the new territory?
A: Slavery.

Where does Ohio rank for population density?
A: It's the 10th most densely populated state.

What is the official Ohio State Gemstone?
A: Flint.

In what Ohio city is the Pro Football Hall of Fame located?
A: Canton.


What is the Ohio State Animal?
A: White-tailed deer.

What is the state capital of Ohio?
A: Columbus.

Who were the top three Union Generals by the time the Civil War ended, all of whom were from Ohio?
A:  Ulysses S. Grant, William Tecumseh Sherman, and Philip Sheridan.

What is Ohio's largest city?
A:  Columbus.

What is the official State Tree of Ohio?
A: The Ohio Buckeye.

Where did the name "Ohio" come from?
A:  An Iroquois word meaning "great river".

Ohio  was admitted to the Union as the 17th state, and the first under what?
A: The Northwest Ordinance.


On what date was Ohio admitted to the Union?
A:  On March 1, 1803.

What is Ohio's nickname?
A: The Buckeye State.

What are the state's NFL teams?
A: Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Browns.

What is the official Ohio State Wildflower?
A: Large White Trillium.

Ohioans are also known as what?
A:  Buckeyes.

The Northwest Ordinance allowed areas of the territory to be admitted as states when their population reached what size?
A: 60,000.

As far as transportation, Ohio has the nation's 10th largest what?
A: Highway network.


Ohio is within a one-day drive of 50% of  what?
A: North America's population and 70% of North America's manufacturing capacity.

Ohio has how many miles of coastline along Lake Erie?
A: 312.

What is the Ohio State Bird?
A:  The Cardinal.

What river defines Ohio's southern border?
A: The Ohio river.

In 1754, France and Great Britain fought the French and Indian War which was known in Europe as what?
A: The Seven Years' War.

What state borders Ohio to the east?
A: Pennsylvania.

The most recent earthquake in Ohio of any significant strength happened on December 31, 2011, at 3:05pm EST with a magnitude of 4.0, and its epicenter was located where?
A:  Several miles northwest of Youngstown .


Which US state borders Ohio to the northwest?
A:  Michigan.

Who does Ohio bump into to the north?
A: Ontario Canada.

Which state borders Ohio to the west?
A:  Indiana.

The rivers in the northern part of Ohio drain into the northern Atlantic Ocean by way of Lake Erie and what river?
A: The St. Lawrence River.

The rivers in the southern part of Ohio drain into the Gulf of Mexico by way of what two rivers?
A: The Ohio River and the Mississippi river.

What was the worst weather disaster in the history of Ohio?
A:   The Great Dayton Flood.

During the Great Dayton Flood of 1913, the entire Miami River watershed flooded, including what?
A: The downtown business district of Dayton.


Eight How many U.S. Presidents were residents of Ohio at the time of their elections?
A: Eight.

What is the highest recorded temperature in Ohio?
A:  113 °F, near Gallipolis on July 21, 1934.

What is the lowest recorded temperature in Ohio?
A: −39 °F at Milligan on February 10, 1899.

How many earthquakes did Ohio have between 2002 and 2007?
A: Over 30.

What is the official Ohio State Insect?
A: 7-spot ladybug.

The strongest earthquake in Ohio history was the Anna earthquake, on March 9, 1937,with a magnitude of what?
A:  5.4.

How early was the Ohio Valley probably inhabited by nomadic people
A: About 13,000 BC.


Ohio is one of 41 states that has its own lottery, which has contributed over $15.5 billion to what?
A:  Public education.

What are Ohio's five major international airports?
A: Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, Port Columbus International Airport, Dayton International Airport, Akron Fulton International Airport and Rickenbacker International Airport.

What are Ohio's major league baseball teams?
A:  Cincinnati Reds and the Cleveland Indians.

What are the two PGA Tour events that are hosted in Ohio?
A: The WGC-Bridgestone Invitational and  the Memorial Tournament.

The state of Ohio has how many NCAA Division I-A college football teams?
A: Eight.

What is the Ohio state flower?
A: The Scarlet Carnation.

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