Benjamin Harrison Trivia Questions and Answers

Trivia quiz with free questions about President Harrison.


Benjamin Harrison Trivia Questions and Answers

Who was the 23rd President of the United States?
A: Benjamin Harrison.

When did Benjamin Harrison serve as President of the U.S. ?
A: March 4, 1889 – March 4, 1893

Who was Benjamin’s Vice President?
A: Levi P. Morton.

What US President preceded Benjamin Harrison?
A: Grover Cleveland.

What US President succeeded Benjamin Harrison?
A: Grover Cleveland.

Benjamin Harrison was the grandson of what previous U.S. President?
A: President William Henry Harrison.

During the American Civil War, Benjamin served the Union for most of the war as a what?
A: A Colonel.


Afterwards, he unsuccessfully ran for the governorship of Indiana but was later elected to the what?
A:  U.S. Senate by the Indiana legislature.

Harrison, a Republican, was elected to the presidency in 1888, defeating what?
A: The Democratic incumbent Grover Cleveland.

Hallmarks of his administration included facilitating the creation of the National Forests through an amendment to what?
A: The Land Revision Act of 1891.

He also substantially strengthened and modernized the what?
A: The Navy.

Benjamin proposed, in vain, federal education funding as well as voting rights enforcement for whom?
A: African Americans during his administration.

Federal spending reached how many dollars for the first time during his term?
A: One billion dollars.

Harrison was defeated by Cleveland in his bid for re-election in 1892, due to the growing unpopularity of what?
A: The high tariff and high federal spending.


When was Benjamin Harrison born?
A: On August 20, 1833.

How old was Benjamin Harrison when his grandfather was elected President?
A: He was seven years old.

Benjamin Harrison's early schooling took place in a what?
A: A one-room schoolhouse near his home.

Harrison and his brother Irwin enrolled in what college near Cincinnati, Ohio in 1847?
A: Farmer's College.

Benjamin attended the college for two years and while there who did he meet?
A: He met his future wife, Caroline Lavinia Scott.

She was one of the daughters of what science professor?
A: John Witherspoon Scott.

Where did Harrison transfer to in 1850?
A: Miami University in Oxford, Ohio


When did he graduate?
A: In 1852.

Harrison joined what fraternity, which he used as a network for much of his life?
A: Phi Delta Theta.

He was also a member of “what”, a law fraternity which permitted dual membership?
A: Delta Chi.

At Miami, Harrison was strongly influenced by what history and political economy professor?
A:  Robert Hamilton Bishop.

What church did Harrison joined at college and, like his mother, became a lifelong member?
A: The Presbyterian church.

After finishing college, he took up the study of law as a legal apprentice in what Cincinnati law office?
A:  Storer & Gwynne.

Before completing his law studies, Harrison returned to Oxford to marry whom?
A: Caroline Scott.


How many children did the Harrisons have?
A: Two children, Russell Benjamin Harrison and Mary "Mamie" Scott Harrison.

Harrison returned to live where while finishing his law studies?
A: On his father's farm.

That same year, he inherited $800 after the death of an aunt, and used the funds to move where with Caroline?
A: To Indianapolis, Indiana in 1854.

Harrison joined the Republican Party shortly after its formation in 1856, and that year campaigned on behalf of what Republican presidential candidate?
A:  John C. Frémont.

In 1858, Harrison entered into a law partnership with William Wallace and they opened their office called what?
A:  Wallace & Harrison.

Two years later, Harrison successfully ran as the Republican candidate for what?
A: Reporter of the Indiana Supreme Court.

He was an active supporter of his party's platform, and served as what?
A:  Republican State Committee Secretary.

While visiting Governor Oliver Morton, Harrison found him distressed over the shortage of men answering the latest call and Harrison told the governor what?
A:  "If I can be of any service, I will go".

Morton asked Harrison if he could help recruit a regiment, although he would not ask him to what?
A: Serve.