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Funny Trivia About Stupid Dumb Laws

Funny trivia questions with answers about stupid laws that are almost too dumb to believe.


In Lawrence Kansas it's illegal to carry what in your hat?
A:  Bees

It's illegal for a woman to be dressed as Santa Clause on the street in what state?
A: Minnesota

In Wyoming In June, in Wyoming, it is illegal to take a picture of a what?
A:  A Rabbit

At Buckroe Beach Virginia it's illegal to put what in someone's swimsuit?
A:  A Dead Fish

Where is it illegal to educate your dog?
A:  Hartford Connecticut

In Oregon, what is it illegal to wear on clothing in public?
A: The Number 69

According to Illinois State law it's illegal to speak what language?
A:  English because only American is legal

In Main is it illegal to step out of a what?
A: Flying Plane

In Zion city Illinois it's illegal to make ugly faces at who?
A: Anyone

According to Sienna law it's illegal for women with what name to be prostitutes?
A:  Maria

It's illegal to kiss in Riverside California unless both people wipe their lips with what?
A:  Rose Water

It's illegal to put a Feather Duster under a girls chin in what city?
A: In Portland Maine

In San Francisco it's illegal to clean your car with what?
A: Used under ware

In North Carolina it's illegal to use what to plough cotton fields?
A:  Elephants

In what city is it illegal to eat in a restaurant that is on fire?
A: Chicago

In New York it's illegal to teach your parrot to do what?
A:  Squawk

Where is it illegal for a chicken to Cross the Road?
A: Quitman Georgia

In Russia by law after 10pm the homeless must be where?
A:  At Home

A Vancouver city law states that all cars must carry what?
A:  An Anchor  (for an emergency brake )

In what city is it illegal for a woman to wear Pants ?
A: Tucson Arizona