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Elephant Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers About Elephants

Fun long elephant trivia quiz questions with answers about various elephant topics


Elephant Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers About Elephants

What are the two traditionally, recognized species of elephants?
A:  African elephant and the Asian elephant .

How much weight can an elephant lift with its trunk?
A:  770 pounds.

How much does an elephants brain weigh?
A: About 10–12 pounds.

Historically, elephants have been considered powerful weapons of what?
A: War.

How thick can an elephants skin be?
A: About 1 inch thick.

Elephants are incapable of doing what with their front legs?
A: Rotating them.

For the first three months, an elephant calf relies entirely on what for nutrition?
A: Milk from its mother.


Male African elephants are the biggest terrestrial animals on earth and can grow to how many feet tall?
A: 13 ft.

How many ribs do Asian elephants have?
A: 19 or 20 pairs.

How many times during an elephants life are its chewing teeth replaced?
A: Six times.

How much food can an elephant consume per day?
A: As much as 330 pounds

What is the maximum weight for a male African elephant?
A: 15,000 pounds

Elephants incisors grow into what?
A: Tusks.

Elephants have good hearing at low frequencies and are most sensitive at what frequency?
A:  1 kHz.

What do elephants control with their large ears?
A: Their body temperature.


What part of the African elephant is larger than the Asian Elephant?
A: Ears.

How many bones do elephant skeletons have?
A:  326–351 bones.

Elephants prefer to stay near what?
A: Water.

Because of the impact that elephants have on their environment they are considered what type of species?
A: Keystone.

How much does a typical newborn elephant calf weigh?
A: 260 pounds.

How much water can an adult Asian elephant hold in its trunk?
A:  2.2 gallons.

An elephant's tusk are modified what?
A: Incisor teeth in the upper jaw.


Calves are the centre of attention in their in elephant family groups, what are the center of attention?
A: Calves.

How long do elephant calves rely on their mothers?
A: For as long as three years.

What is the life span of an elephant?
A: 60 - 70 years.

How old can elephants can live to in the wild?
A: 70 years

What do elephants use to communicate over long distances?
A: infrasound, and seismic communication

The biggest threat to the survival of elephant populations is the what?
A: Ivory trade poachers.

In Asia, elephants are often used as what?
A: Working animals.


How many pairs of ribs do African elephants have?
A:  21 pairs of ribs.

How many muscles doe an elephants trunk have?
A: It contains up to 150,000 .

An elephants sense of smell can be four times as sensitive as that of a what?
A: Bloodhound.

When an elephant is underwater, it can use its trunk as a what?
A: A snorkel.

How many teeth do elephants typically have?
A: 26.

How fast does an elephant's tusk grow?
A: About 7 inches per year.

What breathing disease can elephants suffer from and pass on to humans?
A: Tuberculosis.


What do elephants use for a sunscreen to protect their skin from UV radiation?
A: Mud.

Elephants can move forwards and backwards, but cannot do what?
A: Trot, jump, or gallop.

What is the top speed that an elephant can reach while running?
A: About 11 mph.

Elephants have been recorded swimming for up to how long without touching bottom?
A: Six hours.

What is a typical heart rate for a standing elephant?
A: About 30 beats per minute.

How many hours a day do Elephants devote to sleep?
A: Average of  3–4 hours

How long does an elephant pregnancy last?
A: Two years.

Elephants are among the species that are known to use what?
A: Tools.


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