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Fun Animal Trivia Quiz Questions

Animal trivia quiz with questions about miscellaneous animals.


Animal Trivia Quiz Questions

What kind of animal is the emblem of the US republican political party?
A: Elephant.

What color is an ocelot?
A: Yellow with black markings.

Which type of animals have more teeth, reptiles or mammals?
A: Mammals.

A cow normally has how many teats?
A: Four.

What is the only venomous snake found in Britain?
A: Adder.

What type of leaves does a Koala use for food?
A: Eucalyptus.

What type of animal is the main source of food for a mole?
A: Earthworms.


What is another name for a Guinea Pig?
A: Cavy.

In The Wizard of Oz, what was the name of Dorothy's little dog?
A: Toto.

What kind of animals live in an apiary?
A: Bees.

What was Tarzan's Chimpanzee's name?
A: Cheta.

Celeste was the wife of which fictional animal?
A: Babar the Elephant.

What were the names of the two bears that lived in Jellystone park?
A: Yogi and Boo Boo.

What is the name for a collection of frogs?
A: Army.


What kind of animal was "Gentle Ben" on the TV show?
A: A Bear.

A female donkey is called a what?
A: Jenny.

On a common lady bug, what color are the spots?
A: Black.

Which subhuman primate is the most intelligent?
A: Chimpanzee.

A mandrill is what type of creature?
A: Monkey.

The most Asian elephants to be found in their natural habitat can be found in what country?
A: India.

Which animal is the fastest, a hare, greyhound, or horse?
A: Hare.


What type of animal is a Tasmanian Devil?
A: Marsupial.

Which sense is the weakest sense in most primates?
A: Sense of Smell.

Sika, fallow, and Roe, are what types of animal?
A: Deer.

Animals living in what type of habitat are arboreal animals?
A: In or amongst trees.

What type of animal produces gossamer?
A: Spider.

What kind of animal is the source of mohair?
A: Angora Goat.

What land mammal other than man has the longest lifespan?
A: Elephant.


Lupus is the Latin name for what animal?
A: Wolf.

Who was the British TV personality that presented the show Animal Magic?
A: Johnny Morris.

Michael Bond created what famous bear?
A: Paddington Bear.

Walt Disney's famous deer was named what?
A: Bambi.

A horse named Black Bess was ridden by who?
A: Dick Trupin.

In the Lone Ranger, what was Tonto's horse's name?
A: Scout.

What kind of animals were Chi Chi and An An?
A: Panda bears.


In the Jungle Book, what kind of creature was Baloo?
A: A bear.

How do bees communicate with each other?
A: Dancing.

A stoat produces fur called what?
A: Ermine.

What type of insect eats its mate after mating?
A: Preying Mantis.

Coral and algae have what kind of relationship?
A: Symbiotic.

What kind of animals don't hunt or eat any meat?
A: Herbivore.

What is the name of the largest land animal?
A: Elephant.


When caterpillar changes into an adult butterfly what is the change called?
A: Metamorphous.

The study of animals is given the name of what?
A: Zoology.

What type of mammals fly using echolocation?
A: Bats.

How many types of panda are there?
A: Two, the giant and the lesser.

The longest beetle in the world is how long?
A: Six inches.

Animals without backbones are called what?
A: Invertebrates.

An earthworm has how many hearts?
A: 5.


A fluke is what kind of animal?
A: Worm.

The spots on a plaice are what color?
A: Orange.

An abalone is what kind of animal?
A: Marine snail.

The study of birds eggs is called what?
A: Oology.

What is the offspring of a mare and a male ass called?
A: A mule.

On a rabbit where would you find a scut?
A: The tail.

In Thailand, what is the sacred animal?
A: The white elephant.


Alphabetically, what animal comes first in the Chinese horoscope?
A: Boar.

Alphabetically, what animal comes last in the Chinese horoscope?
A: Tiger.

What type of animal is the symbol of medicine?
A: Snake.

Which type of semi aquatic animal is a lutra-lutra?
A: An Otter.

What animals make a sound called nuzzing?
A: Camels.

What animal is the symbol of long life in Korea?
A: The Deer.

A Curry Comb is used on what type of creature?
A: Horse.


The llama belongs to what family to what family of animals?
A: Camel.

Eskimos call what kind of creature a nanook?
A: Polar Bear.

Which animal has the longest lifespan in captivity?
A: Giant Tortoise.

In Peru, what animal provides 50% of all the protein eaten?
A: The Guinea Pig.

What animal pollinates banana plants in the wild?
A: Bats.

A fennec is what type of animal?
A: A Desert Fox.

What kind of creature always gives birth to same sex twins?
A: Armadillo.


The Suidae family is made up of what animals?
A: Pigs.

A markhor is what type of animal?
A: Wild goat.

What type of insect has the best eyesight?
A: Dragonfly.

What form was the Egyptian god Sobek?
A: Crocodile.

A cow's stomach has how many chambers?
A: 4.

How many humps does an African camel have?
A: One.

Who are the queen bee's closest servants in a beehive?
A: Drones.


What is the animal with the Latin name "syncerus caffer"?
A: Cape Buffalo.

A Quagga is an extinct animal that was a distant cousin to which animal that exists today?
A: Zebra.

What does a carpophagus animal feed on?
A: Fruit.

Which animal has rectangular pupils?
A: Goat.

What kind of animal mates only once for 12 hours and can sleep for three years?
A: Snail.

Do mosquitoes have teeth?
A: yes.

A typical mayfly lives for how many days?
A: One.

What is a fox's den called?
A: Earth.

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