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Free Dog Trivia Questions and Answers

Free fun dog trivia questions with answers - dogs, puppies, breeds and more!


Free Dog Trivia Questions and Answers

1994 was the Chinese year of the what?
A: The Dog.

What type of creature was Nana in Peter Pan?
A: Dog.

What type of animal was Edison in Ian Fleming's novel Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?
A: A dog.

Who were the band members of Three Dog Night?
A: Danny Hutton, Cory Wells, and Chuck Negron.

What was prescribed for depressed dogs by the University of Pennsylvania animal-behavior clinic?
A: Prozac.

What trick is the most commonly taught to dogs?
A: To sit.

Which musical group sang the song Joy To The World?
A: Three Dog Night.


In the 80s what dog breed was responsible for two-thirds of the dog bite deaths in the U.S.?
A: Pit bull.

What dog breed is distinctive due to a genetic condition called Achondroplasia which causes dwarfism in the legs?
A: Dachshund.

How many species of domestic dogs are there?
A: One.

A normal adult dog has how many teeth?
A: 42, 20 on the upper jaw, and 22 on the lower.

What dog breed was named for its skill at flushing out woodcock for hunters?
A: Cocker Spaniel.

In North America in 1475 B.C., what was the only domesticated animal?
A: The dog.

Sir Winston Churchill's favorite dog Rufus was what breed of dog?
A: Poodle.


New York City's Board of Health ordered owners of what breed of dog to neuter them?
A: Pit bull.

What was the name of Walt Disney's family dog?
A: Lady.

Quentin Tarantino made his debut with what gory 1992 crime caper?
A: Reservoir Dogs.

When Pluto made his debut in 1930 in a Mickey Mouse film, what was his name?
A: Rover.

What was the dogs name that appeared with Charlie Chaplin in It's a Dog's Life?
A: Scraps.

Mad Scientist Dr. Emmett Brown had two dogs in Back To The Future, what were their names?
A: Einstein and Copernicus.

How many dog spots did Disney artists draw for the 1961 cartoon, One Hundred and One Dalmatians?
A: 6 million (6,469,952).


Nick and Nora Charles gave their dog Asta a Christmas present in the 1934 comedy The Thin Man, what was it?
A: A toy fire hydrant.

Where did John Wayne's nickname "Duke" come from?
A: His favorite childhood dog.

What was the name of the first living creature, a dog, sent into space?
A: Laika. On the Russian Sputnik 2.

The first of Jim Henson's Muppets to become a regular on national television was named what?
A: Rowlf the Dog.

Missy, the pet that Texas A & M's Missiplicity project was founded to clone was what kind of animal?
A: Dog.

What did rap star Snoop Dogg name is pet dog?
A: White Boy.

What year was it that Elvis Presley had a hit with "Hound Dog"?
A: 1956.

The last top ten hit for Three Dog Night was what?
A: The Show Must Go On.

On Cheers, mailman Cliff Claven hated two things about his job, what were they?
A: The day the sears catalog came out and a dog on his route.