Easy Seniors TV Show Comedy Trivia Questions With Answers

Easy TV show trivia quiz questions with answers for seniors.


 TV Comedy Trivia Questions With Answers

Where was Thirty Something set?
A: Philadelphia.

Which actress Ellen was the star of Ellen?
A: Ellen DeGeneres.

In what type of institution was The Acts Of Life set?
A: Girls' boarding school.

Which series was about a lawyer called Ally?
A: Ally McBeal.

Who was Butt-Head's comedy partner?
A: Beavis.

Which British comic Benny created Fred Scuttle and Professor Marvel?
A: Hill.


How many friends are there in Friends?
A: Six.

Who was the neighborhood police officer in Top Cat?
A: Officer Dibble.

Who created the characters Clem Kadiddlehopper and The Mean Widdle Kid?
A: Red Skelton.

What was Carol Burnett's 1990s comedy series called?
A: Carol and Company.

In the 70s, how were Mike, Carol, Greg, Marcia, Jan, Peter, Cindy and Bobby known?
A: The Brady Bunch.

What was the name of the father in All IN The Family?
A: Archie Bunker.


Which 90s Bond girl appeared in the sitcom Sunday Dinner?
A: Teri Hatcher.

In which decade was M*A*S*H set?
A: 1950s.

In which show did Laverne and Shirley first appear?
A: Happy Days.

In which Florida resort was The Golden  Girls set?
A: Miami.

Which sitcom, premiered in 1988, featured Dr. Harry Weston?
A: Empty Nest.

Which spin-off from The Cosby Show premiered in 1987?
A: A Different World.


Who was head of the Addams family?
A: Gomez.

In Cheers, Sam was a former pitcher for which team?
A: Boston Red Sox.

In The Cosby Show which insect was the name of Theo's friend?
A: Cockroach.

Which rock classic was the original theme music for Happy Days?
A: Bill Haley's Rock Around The Clock.

What was the setting for It's Gary Shandling's Show?
A: His sitting room.

What was the most-watched TV show in history when it was screened in May 1993?
A: Final episode of Cheers.

Where did Frasier live in the spin-off from Cheers?
A: Seattle.