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Funny Legal and Law Trivia

Free printable funny trivia quiz questions regarding the law and various legalities and illegal activities.


By law, what ingredient must French ice cream contain?
A:  Eggs

What profession did Handel originally study?
A:  The Law

It's not legal in California to shoot any animal from a moving car except what?
A:  Whales

In Massachusetts, what is it against the law for bars to offer ?
A:  Happy hours

At the Alamo it's illegal to drop what on the ground?
A:  Nut shells

What are you not allowed to paint in Alberta ?
A:  Wooden Logs

In Pacific Grove California, what is it against the law to kill?
A:  Butterflies , a local ordinance

It's illegal to carry weights for what athletic event?
A: The long Jump

In Nevada it is against the law to drive what on the highway?
A:  A Camel

It's against the law to take what to the movies in Baltimore?
A:  A Lion

In Kansas City its illegal for children to buy what?
A:  Cap Guns

In Switzerland what machine is not allowed to be run on Sundays?
A: Lawnmower s

What is the correct name for food permitted under Moslem laws?
A:  Hal-al

In Haifa Israel it's illegal to take what to the beach?
A:  A Bear

In Victoria Australia only electricians may do what?
A:  Change a light bulb

In Israel on Saturday what is it illegal to do?
A: Pick Your Nose

In Delaware it is illegal to pawn what?
A;  Wooden Leg

In Bexley Ohio it's against the law to put what in an outhouse?
A:  Slot Machines

What was banned by law in 16th and 17th century Venice?
A:  High heels because prostitutes drowned

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