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Bear Trivia Quiz

Free Fun Bear Trivia Questions With Answers


Bear Trivia Quiz

What are bears?
A: Bears are mammals of the family Ursidae.

What continents are bears are found on?
A: North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

Polar bears are mostly what?
A: Carnivorous.

The giant panda feeds almost entirely on what?
A: Bamboo.

Other bear species are what ?
A: Omnivorous with varied diets.

With the exception of courting individuals and mothers with their young, bears are typically what?
A: Solitary animals.

Bears are typically diurnal, but may be active during the what?
A: Night or twilight, particularly around humans.


Bears possess an excellent sense of what?
A: Smell.

Despite their heavy build and awkward gait, they are adept what?
A: Runners, climbers, and swimmers.

In autumn, some bear species forage large amounts of what?
A: Fermented fruits, which affects their behavior.

Bears use shelters, such as caves and burrows, as their what?
A: Dens.

Most species of bears occupy their dens during what period?
A: The winter.

Bears have been hunted since prehistoric times for their what?
A: Meat and fur.

The family Ursidae is one of nine families in the suborder Caniformia, or "doglike" carnivores, within what order?
A: The order Carnivora.


What are bears' closest living relatives?
A: The pinnipeds, canids, and musteloids.

The brown bears of Alaska's ABC Islands are more closely related to what than to other brown bears in the world?
A: Polar bears.

Koalas are often referred to as bears due to their appearance; however, they are what?
A: Marsupials, not bears.

A number of hybrids have been bred between what?
A:  American black, brown, and polar bears.

Unlike most other Carnivora, bears have what kind of feet?
A: Plantigrade.

Despite being quadrupeds, bears can stand and sit similarly to what?
A: Humans.

Bears are generally bulky and robust animals with relatively short what?
A: Legs.


Which are larger, male or female bears?
A: Male.

Bears are the most massive terrestrial members of what order?
A:  Carnivora.

Some exceptional polar bears and Kodiak bears have been weighed at how much?
A: Over 750 kg (1,650 lb).

As to which species is the largest, brown bears have the largest individuals, but Polar bears have the largest what?
A: Average size.

How much do average adult male Kodiak bears weigh?
A: On average 480 to 533 kg (1,058 to 1,175 lb).

How much the average adult male polar bear weigh?
A:  An average of 386 to 408 kg (851 to 899 lb).

What are the smallest bears?
A: The smallest bears are the sun bears of Asia, which weigh an average of  65 kg (143 lb) for the males and 45 kg (99 lb) for the females.


All "medium"-sized bear species are around the same average weight, with males averaging around 100 to 120 kg (220 to 260 lb) and females averaging around what?
A:  60 to 85 kg (132 to 187 lb).

It is not uncommon for male American black bears to what?
A: Considerably exceed "average" weights.

Bears distribute their weight toward the hind feet, which makes them look what?
A: Lumbering when they walk.

They are still quite fast, with the brown bear reaching what speed?
A: 30 mph.

Bears' non-retractable claws are used for what?
A: Digging, climbing, tearing, and catching prey.

Bears have an excellent sense of smell, better than what?
A: Dogs (Canidae), or possibly any other mammal.

This sense of smell is used for what?
A: Signaling between bears, to warn off rivals or detect mates, and finding food.

Smell is the principal sense used by bears to do what?
A: Find most of their food.

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