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Random Animal Trivia

Random animal quiz questions with answers.


Random Animal Trivia

In what sport is a bandarilla used?
A: Bullfighting

What is a baby whale called?
A: A calf.

A snake hears with what organ?
A:  Its tongue.

In Kipling's "Jungle Book", who was the leader of the wolves?
A:  Akala.

A group of doves are called what?
A: A Dule.

What is the name for a male guinea pig?
A: Boar.

Volney, an animal,  was in hundreds of films. Where can you see him?
A:  He was the lion in the MGM films logo.


Who is the voice of Tony the Tiger?
A: Thurl  Ravenscroft.

In Animal Farm, what kind of animal was Bluebell?
A:  A Dog.

From which country does the Dalmatian dog breed come from?
A: Yugoslavia.

In the Winnie the Pooh stories, what is Kanga’s baby called?
A:  Roo.

What creature pollinates banana plants in the wild?
A:  Bats.

In British Columbia is illegal to kill what  creature?
A: Sasquatch.

What is Yogi Bears girlfriends name?
A:  Cindy Bear.


What job did Genghis Khan first work at?
A: Goat herder.

What is the name for A male ferret is called a what?
A:  Jack.

What do you call a group of Unicorns should you see one?
A: A blessing.

What is another name for Dung Beetles?
A: Tumblebug.

To the Apache Indians, what were Horses?
A: God Dogs.

Who is Charlie Browns favorite baseball player ?
A: Joe Shlabotnik.

What have tethered cormorants been used to catch?
A: Fish.


Jellyfish, sea anemones, and corals are have digestive chambers with a single opening, which serves as what?
A: Both mouth and anus.

What two groups did Aristotle divide animals into?
A: Those with blood and those without.

Animals such as the fruit fly serve what major role in science?
A: As experimental models.

How many living animal species have been described?
A: Over 1.5 million.

What are the most kept pet species?
A: Mammals, namely dogs, cats, and rabbits.

Herbivores eat plant material directly, while carnivores typically acquire energy how?
A: By eating other animals.


What are the signs of the Western and Chinese zodiacs based on?
A: Animals.

Animals have been used to create what type of medicine since their discovery in the 18th century?
A: Vaccines.

Animals are monophyletic, meaning they are what?
A: Derived from a common ancestor.

How do sponges typically feed?
A: By drawing in water through pores.

Aristotle was uncertain whether sponges were what?
A: Animals.

What have poison dart frogs been used for?
A: To poison the tips of blowpipe darts.

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