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Baby Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers about Babies

Free trivia quiz questions about babies with answers.


Baby Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers about Babies

What Kennedy cousin revealed the affair between Michael Kennedy and the baby sitter?
A: Michael Skakel.

What was the baby's name in the 1987 movie Three Men and a Baby?
A: Mary.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were given what as a birthday present for baby Prince Andrew while visiting Gambia?
A: A baby crocodile.

What musical group had a number one hit with Ice, Ice Baby?
A: Vanilla Ice.

What famous baby doctor guru wrote the book Baby and Child Care?
A: Spock.

What movie did Arnold Schwarzenegger make about a man who gets pregnant?
A: Junior.

What female vocalist had a 1990s Number one hit with Always Be My Baby?
A: Mariah Carey.


What was the name of the Lindbergh baby's nanny when the baby was kidnapped?
A: Betty Gow.

Who partnered with James Ingram on Baby Come To Me?
A: Patti Austin.

At birth, how tall is a baby giraffe?
A: About 6 feet.

For rabbits, what is the act of giving birth called?
A: Kindling.

What future famous actor had his picture on packages of baby food.
A: Humphrey Bogart.

Because of the death of a baby in her care, what nanny Louise was tried on TV in the US?
A: Woodward.

In the 1956 film spectacular, The Ten Commandments, which starred Charleton Heston, who played Moses as a baby?
A: Heston's son Fraser.


In the remake of the 1962 film, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane starring Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, what actress sisters starred in the remake?
A: Lynn and Vanessa Redgrave.

Whitney Houston's daughter was named what after the baby's father?
A: Bobbie.

What actor appeared in both Three Men and a Baby and Cheers?
A: Ted Danson.

What kind of animal's heart was used to keep Baby Fae alive for 21 of her 33 days in 1984?
A: A baboon's.

Mel B and Jimmy Gulzar had a baby girl, what did they name her?
A: Phoenix Chi.

What hospital performed the first heart surgery on a baby while it was still in the womb?
A: Guy's London.

Which singer / songwriters did Little Eva Baby sit for?
A: Carole King and Gerry Goffin.


What musical group had a 1960s hit song with Cry Like a Baby?
A: The Box Tops.

What song did the Supremes follow-up to Baby Love?
A: Come See About Me.

Ted Baxter and his wife Georgette on the popular TV sitcom The Mary Tyler Moor Show, had a baby. What was it's name?
A: Mary Lou.

What was the name of the first actor shown diapering a baby in full view on TV?
A: Carroll O'Conner as Archie Bunker.

What was the name of the gangster who offered a reward of $10,000 when the Lindbergh baby was kidnapped?
A: Al Capone.

In the Louise Woodward case, what was the first name of the baby?
A: Matthew.

Ann Turner Cook's portrait has been the symbol of what baby food for over fifty years?
A: Gerber's baby food.

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